i place four labels on myself.

i learned a while back that labeling yourself is a great way to find out how little bearing self-identifying has on who you are. it is your priorities and actions that define who you are. these are currently my priorities:

partnering, being active, thinking, fathering

partnering. i learned some major personal lessons in 2012. lessons that were brewing for years, but brought to a head through the course of really taking stock of what was of value to me. one of the lessons i learned was in the importance of partnering with someone who has common goals, values, methods of communicating, and showing affection. i have had the good fortune of being exposed to brilliant, beautiful and incredible people throughout my life. each relationship has given me insight into what i really desired in a partner. i mentally chronicled each of those personality traits and then was shocked to have the rare opportunity to meet someone who not only met, but completely eclipsed each of those characteristics and brought an additional set of phenomenal attributes.

tammy and i have built a relationship on honest communication, shared goals and interests, zombies, a deep love and admiration for each other, but most importantly, a core belief that the other is a treasure to be valued, respected, supported, and adored. i place a high value and priority on ensuring that i remain diligent in guarding the tenants of our partnership.

being active. since my youth i’ve been an active kid. i ran a couple years of track and cross-country in high school, but drugs and the wrong gang kept me from excelling. i ran enough to stay in decent shape while in the marines and the years afterward, but it wasn’t until i took over responsibility for a church based running group in 1999 that i really started to get somewhat focused on my running. i ran my first marathon in 2002, have quite a few marathons and ultras under my belt and have set the life-goal of running at least one marathon on each continent. three down, four to go.

i dabbled with triathlon for a few years, and while really enjoying the physical requirements, the training logistics, and the effort required on race day, i did not enjoy the tri community as much as i would have hoped. but one thing that triathlon did bring me was a renewed joy of cycling. i enjoy running and cycling for fitness, sure, but more so for the relationships, the solitude and the beauty. these days i don’t race so much anymore, but instead pick amazing destinations to run and cycle in, just to soak in the experience.

thinking. i devour books. i would devour more books if i had unlimited time. i read to entertain, explore, learn and be challenged. i find the more i read, the more i learn. the more i learn, the more i think. the more i think, the more i want to learn. and so, i read more. and learn more. and think more. rinse and repeat.

fathering. thunderclap newman smith (or tc for short) was born at 1:35pm on may 25, 2007 and he was adopted fresh out of the oven. i have been blessed with his amazing health and enthusiasm for life, and the opportunity to be entrusted to raise a beautiful boy. i have loved the changes that having a son has brought about in my personality. seeing life through his eyes, experiencing childlike joy, having an excuse to act childlike, and explaining the world around us have been wonderful learning and growing opportunities for me, personally.

aside from those things, i guess the only real other information would be job, location and whatnot. i’m in my forties, living in rancho santa margarita, california and working as an application programmer for a mfg company. i’ve been working and living in so. california for 15+ years now, but don’t really feel like a californian. well, that’s me in a nutshell (help! i’m stuck in a nutshell!)

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  1. indeed, you are NOT stuck in a nutshell. i’m not sure when you updated this but i like it. i also like the changing photos in your banner which peaked my interest to see what else you had to offer. always, there is so much, and i am so blessed to get to know the you of the day whenever you put your words to page. xo, juls

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