Moving Windows Using the Keyboard w/ Remote Desktop

I’m not typically blogging about geek stuff, but when I come across a solution that I haven’t been able to find on the interwebs via Google, I feel a responsibilty to post my results for other folks to use when they run into the same problem.

So, the problem I ran into was a dialog window for our ERP software had popped up with most of the window off-screen while working with a Remote Desktop connection. This was on a Windows 7 client connecting to Remote Desktop on a Windows Server 2008 R2 host. Google search results said to use ALT+Space to access the window and choose ‘M’, but that was only working as a local keyboard shortcut and would just provide me with the ability to move the Remote Desktop session window. So I googled [when turning Google into a verb, you drop the upper-case, right?] keyboard shortcuts for Remote Desktop and wasn’t able to find the equivalent for ALT+Space, so I played around with it and came up with a winner using CTL+ALT+Space.

The solution, then, is as follows:

1. Select the offending window [using ALT+Insert if you don't have access to the window via the Taskbar]
2. CTL+ALT+Space and then ‘M’. The cursor will change to a four-pointed arrow.
3. Use the keyboard to move the window. A dotted outline will show you its boundaries.
4. Press Enter when you have the window in the desired location.


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  1. I just ordered my copy of Rosetta Stone – Computer Guy. So I’ll come back in a few months a read this post again after I’m fluent!

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