prodigal son

i was contemplating waiting another month to post something to the ol’ blog seeing as that would have put my blogging hiatus at a year. but time dictates most things and a slight lull in work gives me a few minutes to pop my head in and give a quick update. with the history i have on this blog, mostly focusing on training, running events or other grand adventures, it makes it hard to blog when you’re sitting on the sidelines. and, sitting on the sidelines can be quite depressing and make you feel like your voice doesn’t matter or is hypocritical. haha…especially when you’ve been such an advocate of proper care of your body.

to expand on the ‘sidelines’ item, though. i mentioned that after pct50 last year and the peter’s canyon trail race my knee really threw me for a loop. i was stubborn and wouldn’t accept that something was really wrong. i spent months in painful fits and starts trying to get my running back online, but the knee would just not cooperate. when i would finally get to a point where i could run again and not be in pain, something else would come along, like flu or bronchitis. it wasn’t until feb/march of this year that i was able to get some consistency in my running and by june i was finally running pain free again.

there was one major thing lacking in my overall fitness, though. when i started training for a bq back in 2005, my coach at the time was adamant that i spend at least one day in the gym working on core strength. she felt that the strength training was vital in preventing injury. well, i continued with that aspect of my training up until the time that i ran my last triathlon in 2009. after mooseman, i was quite burnt out and just wanted to run for running sake. as a result, it put the bike on the rack, packed away my goggles and the gym became a place to shower after my early morning runs. i ran long, hard miles all through 2010 while i trained for zane grey and i think that lack of core and stabilizing strength is what led to the initial injury after the race.

now, flash forward to july of this year, another year spent without any strength training and a couple of months of running on a weakened knee and one night, while kneeling down to dry off thunderclap after a bath, the good ol’ knee went POP! and i was down for the count again. this time, though, i was not about to waste another depressing year of sitting on the sidelines. smsmh booked me a visit to my doctor and after a short, painful visit full of twisting and pulling and prodding, he determined that i had a strained mcl. “wear a knee brace for a month” was the prescription.

i am now on my last week with the brace and will be back into his office next week to have it checked again and get a referral for physical therapy. this time, i’m practicing what i preach. because these sidelines? they just plain suck.

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8 thoughts on “prodigal son

  1. reluctantly crouched
    at the starting line
    engines pumping
    and thumping in time….

    cake, jeff, cake. you’ll get there!

    (says the woman sidelined for 2.5 years… ;) )

  2. You know, without my needing to confirm for you, 1) how much the sidelines do in fact suck major balls 2) how proud of you I am for getting to the doc’s office and taking care of this (and yourself) once and for all. You’ve been in my prayers for awhile now, glad they’re helping you get mended up! Big hugs from your favorite Pippy.

  3. May your time on the sidelines be over soon. Then we both can work on core strengthening together. Maybe we could do some virtual rallying to keep eachother motivated.

  4. SISSY!!!!!! Yea. You heard me.

    (You can do this Jeff… you know how to heal and you know how to train. You’re my *@$#! inspiration, man. Hang tough.)

  5. Must be something about hitting middle age that makes us so susceptible to debilitating injuries and so reluctant to do what’s needed at the onset to make it right again. Sounds like you have plenty to keep your mind off not running right now.

  6. Take care Jeff, but I couldn’t help notice it took the wife to make the phone call to the doc for you. A stubborn lot we are, aren’t we.

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