riding the waves

well, i think this has successfully been my longest blogging break since i started back in 2004.  wow.  amazing how life will just get away from you and how priorities shift.  i mean, i’m still out and about and reading blogs, but after my media fast back in feb, i trimmed my reader down to a couple dozen blogs and most of the time, i just skim those…but i’m rambling.  i need to get caught up to date quickly or i’ll never get this thing posted.

so, when i left off back in march [!],  i was busy training for zane grey 50m.  well, as life often does, it through a wrench in my plans.  my grandfather on my father’s side passed away and the services ended up being on race weekend.  i tried every way possible to make it to the start, but the timing just wasn’t going to allow it.  i ended up heading to colorado for the services spent the weekend catching up with family and friends instead.  just like with my mom’s father who passed away the previous year, it was amazing to hear the things that people were saying about him that we never knew.  for example, his boss from lockheed [?] showed up and made a point of saying how my grandfather’s efforts with the company were one of the key reasons that they were successful.  i, again, was coerced into saying something and i decided to illustrate his playful and loving nature.  the photo pictured was taken out at my folks place in arizona.  as we were getting ready to end the visit and head home, i caught my grandparents standing out on the back patio looking out at the desert.  i snuck out with my camera and shot a couple dozen photos of them without their knowing.  what surprised me, upon looking at the photos later that night, was not the that, after so many years, they still love holding each other, but that as i scrolled through each of the pictures, i could see that my grandfather was swinging his right arm.  playfully enjoying the moment.  classic grandpa.

as a result, zane grey was a bust.  i wanted to wallow in missing my A race for the year, but, with the huge base that i’d built, i was dead set against letting it go to waste.  a friend from the trail club suggested the pct50 down in san diego instead and offered to contact the rd to try to get me into the race.  she was successful and i toed the line for my second 50mi trail race on may 9th.  for zane grey, i had really hoped to rock the course and had all sorts of expectations built up for the event.  for pct50, i was somewhat emotionally spent and just really wanted to finish, enjoy the day and focus on other life’s pressing matters [more on that later].  i hadn’t looked at the course profile, hadn’t run a single training run on the course and pretty much just came in blind.  and that worked.  i had a fabulous race.  i smiled the entire way through it, soaked up the experience and surprised myself with a fairly decent time.  i crossed the finish in 9:15 and felt wonderful.  well, wonderful except for my knee.  i took a little digger around mile 12, but it didn’t seem to affect my running, so i finished the race.

the following day, my knee was in excruciating pain and it was difficult to walk.  i passed it off as just over-use and muscle fatigue and continued life as normal.  although, life was becoming less and less normal at that point.  after renting back our place from the buyers, our lease was coming to a close and the weekend after pct50, we packed up our home of twelve years and put it all in storage.  we had been looking in earnest for a place to buy, but the real estate market in so. cal has been nuts.  EVERYTHING in our price range was a short sale.  and those ridiculous types of sales can take anywhere from three to six months to process.  we were making offer after offer, but getting nowhere.

so, with our bags packed, we became homeless.  we moved in with smsmh’s family up in coarsegold and i began the task of commuting to southern california every other week.  i did a great deal of couch surfing for the end of may and the entire month of june.  it was a novelty at first, but it got real old, real fast.  i always felt like i was imposing [which, let's face it, i was] and it was really hard to actually relax.  even when back with smsmh and tc, it was still hard to relax since we weren’t in our own ‘space’.  don’t get me wrong, i LOVED the community and spending time with family and friends, but there comes a time when you just want to be able to go to the bathroom at 3am and not have to worry about surprising the in-laws as you walk neked though the house.

all the while, i was trying to get in running and cycling miles, but the knee that had acted up after pct50 just wouldn’t cooperate.  i would rest it while up in coarsegold [by cycling instead of running - which didn't seem to bother it] and then attempt to run on it again when i was in so. cal.  the final straw came at the first peter’s canyon trail race of the summer.  i showed up excited to put in a good showing and optimistically paid for all three races.  i had already run quite a few [mildly painful] miles that week and knew that i was racing on tired legs, but went out HARD anyway.  at about the 3mi mark, the knee screamed and i knew it was going to hurt when i finished.  honestly, though, i thought it was just going to be some more muscle discomfort and would recover after a day or two.

well, here it is, the middle of august, over two months later and all i have to show is a couple of very painful exploratory runs.  i’ve essentially been off my feet since that race.  i know, i know, i should go have it looked at and if, after the next couple of easy runs i try, it still hurts, i’ll do just that.  but, the good news is that the injury comes at a time where i need to be focusing on other things.  while i was in the uk at the end of june for business, we put an offer on a house [sight unseen - we were just so DONE with looking, it looked good online and we just wanted a house] that just happened to be a standard sale.  we lost the house to a full cash offer, but a couple weeks later, our agent called to tell us that the cash offer had walked and the house was ours if we wanted it.  we had since had a chance to view the house and were very happy with the location, schools, yard and eager to enter escrow on the place.  so, it looks like we’ll close escrow on the new place the middle of next month, begin our home improvements and then move in a week or two.

whew!  that’s quite a bit of stuff!  what else did i leave out?  oh…yeah…family stuff.  thunderclap had his third birthday and is getting HUGE.  we had our well-child visit for his third year and he weighed in at 41lbs and 41 inches.  he’s a huge kid!  the latest thing is him shoving massive amounts of food into his mouth and saying, “look at my gaping maw, daddy!”  where does he get these things?  i’ll never know.

i’ll do my best to keep back at the posting, but it’ll mostly be kid stuff and home renovation for the next month or so until i get back on my feet.  and then, WOAH, get ready!  because i’ll be starting from square one again.  oh joy.

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10 thoughts on “riding the waves

  1. the latest thing is him shoving massive amounts of food into his mouth and saying, “look at my gaping maw, daddy!”

    A LOT to respond to, but that, above, is just HILARIOUS! Hahahahaha! I’m falling out of my chair over here!

    Touching tribute to your grandfather. I always find it moving when people who stay together so long manage to stay in love. It’s how I hope to be … in a few years! HAR!

    Why haven’t you had the knee looked at already, j’og? You’re gonna do permanent damage. And if you do, I’m telling TC to punch you in your GAPING MAW!

    No, wait,Ii can’t do that. I got nothing against yer maw … or yer paw. They’re probably upstandin’ folk, pillars of the community.

    So I’ll tell TC to punch you in yer n*ts@ck instead.

  2. Egads, Jeff. Its been a heck of a summer for you. Here’s hoping that darn knee heels soon. And yeah, you should have it looked at. How long did you really plan on waiting? And what would you tell ANYONE else who had a running injury last for this long? Seriously? You need a smack up side the head. Get thee to a doctor!

  3. I like the soundtrack for this post. Works on numerous levels (plus I was a HUGE Pixies fan back in the day).

    Sorry to hear about your grandfather’s passing. He sounds like a great man.

    Please get that knee checked out so you can renovate your new place pain-free!

  4. First, thank you for posting on my blog. I appreciate the info.

    That pic of your grandparents is so cool. Congrats on the house and good luck /w your knee. I’m subscribing to your blog …

  5. He lives!!! I had just came over here the other day wondering if I had somehow missed posts and saw it’d been forever. Sorry to hear about your loss and the injury… but it sounds like things are starting to get better. I gotta wonder though, why did you just resort back to your caveman ways and hole up in the mountains? LOL! ;)

  6. Good to catch another glimpse from your world. I’m looking forward to more on your big guy’s developments. Good luck with the move and healing up.

  7. So good to read about your and the family. Its been so long. Life keeps right on happening no matter what.

    I off to do a 20 miler in Chino Hills State Park. I just re read my blog post from 2005 when you joined us on that Brutal run to get an idea of what I was in for again.

    Congrats and good luck with the house.

  8. So glad to see you back. So sad about your grandfather, sad about your legs, happy for the house, and amazed to hear about TC.

    Yours -
    John o’Groats

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