the meaning of life

a lot of thought cycles have been devoted recently to thinking about what i want to do when i grow up.  i guess it’s normal at this stage in life to start processing the whole, “what do i want my legacy to be?”  do i want it to be about the work i’ve performed?  do i want it to be about race palmarès?  do i want it to be about how well i raised my son?  and the thought hit me that once i’m gone, what does the past really matter?  why do we dwell on those things or look to build up a collection of events, awards, items, etc?  i think the more we look to the past, the less time we have to focus on what is still to come.  so, i decided that i want to live a life where i’m excited for the many opportunities and adventures that lay ahead rather than dwelling on the failures,  ‘what ifs’ and accomplishments of the past.

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