common ground

one of the most noticeable things that has come of this media fast is how conversations have shifted.  two items have caught my attention when talking with people.  first, i’m out of the loop on media events.  i find it humorous and rewarding when someone says, “hey, did you hear about this thing?”.  i’m finding that the finite energy that i have is not being caught up in thinking, processing or regurgitating these stories, which, in all reality, have no bearing or value in my life.  it is very freeing, knowing that i know nothing of the latest atrocity that the media wants you to dwell upon or latest crisis that you MUST worry over.

second, conversations have ceased to revolve around pop culture and television references.  instead, the theme of most conversations has shifted to telling stories, sharing ideas and working on problems.  this has given me the opportunity to get to know some of the people i spend a good deal of time with even better than before.  i’m realizing just how valuable the time spent with those people is and what a waste it is to spend entire sessions talking about ‘pants on the ground’ or something equally inane.

the common ground now is life, how we experience it and how we share it.  that, right there, is a good foundation for building on.

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