i spent the day thinking about ideas, concepts, encapsulated philosophies, etc.  just what sort of ideas do i have?  where do they come from?  what do i do with them?  who do i share them with?  that last question spawned a whole train of thought that i wanted to write down.

in my experience, i have rarely come across relationships with men where ideas are discussed at length; where every meeting with the other party was prefaced by a desire to bring something interesting to the conversation.  i can count on one hand the men in my life that have made me think.  no, strike that.  men who have made me WANT to think.  men who made me want to hold on tight to ideas, cultivate them and then present them for discussion.  men who’s own ideas have set my own mind’s wheels in motion.

three men come to mind, in particular.  it was fascinating unpacking those relationships and what about each man made my mind feel sharper, changed how i perceived my reality, in some cases challenged what i considered normal and in all cases made me, what i considered, a better person.

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