hibernating, in a cave, yo

life has a funny way of generating serendipitous events.  repete mentioned that he was going on a media and social networking fast for the month of february.  talk like that always sparks my interest.  his whole purpose behind the move is to free up some space for his own original ideas to percolate.  always a fan of shutting stuff off and simplifying, i asked if he wanted some solidarity in the task.  you know, so that when one of us is just jonesing to tweet that our most recent dump came out in the shape of a mountain lion, we can then talk one another off the ledge.

i’m in a phase in my life where i have a heightened sense of what is going on around me and paying more attention to the doom & gloom scenarios, political agendas, financial situations, etc.  gone are the days of carefree youth and i will occasionally get the pangs of panic when the thought of some certain catastrophic event is presented to me by either an over-active imagination or over-hyped media.  now, i know that there’s nothing new under the sun and our parents weathered equal doom & gloom at some point, too.  it’s just that my head is just ready to explode with all the worry that is constantly shoved into our collective faces.  you know what, though?  nearly every sensationalized swine-flu-esque catastrophe that we are beat over the head with rarely materializes.  i’m tired of it.  i’m tired of the panicked reality that others are trying to create for me.

so, i’m totally down.  i’m on board.  i’m tuning in, turning on and dropping out, as it were.  i’m going to let my mind wander.  i’m going to dream.  i’m going to think my own thoughts.  i’m going to explore my own mind for a while.  i’m going to trust that the world will keep on functioning for a month without my focused attention.

as luck would have it, the grammys were on last night, so i opted to pick up a new book instead and crawl into bed and read for a bit.  and, as luck would have it, tuesdays with morrie was next on the reading list.  within a couple of pages, morrie was saying something along the lines of, “if your culture isn’t presenting you something that you agree with, make your own culture”.  i think this is an apropos start to the fast.

hipsters doves
lick ship of fools
wax kingdom of rust