bust out the ochre, baby, i’m on day 14

so, this caveman thing has been a hoot [for the most part – dropping this bombshell of a lifestyle on smsmh and a cupboard full of pastas, rices, crackers, chips and a fridge full of bread? not such a good idea]; both the “wwcmd?” hilarity [that thunderclap is starting to pick up on; “hey daddy?  cavemen like applesauce?”] and the fun of meal planning and prep.  i’ll admit that i was a hungry beast for the week plus, but this past week it seems i’ve hit my stride.  i’ve nailed down some go-to foods that seem to satiate well and have begun experimenting with different recipes and types of food.

this past week we had some epic [for california anyway] weather; water spouts, a tornado, snow down to 2,000’, multiple inches of rain in a day.  good stuff, and good weather for a caveman to run in.  hunger waits for no weather.  so, out into the deluge i headed every day.  by day four i was ready for some dry running, but still having fun with the idiocy that is heading out into the weather for some exercise.  each run this past week had me feeling stronger and stronger.  tempo with repete on thursday am was tough, but had me feeling great the rest of the day.  friday’s trail run had me scoring some blood oranges along the route.  yummy, nutritious, and with a side benefit of making the eater look like they just slaughtered an animal.  caveman currency, right there!

sunday dawned without a cloud in the sky and i was up early for a longish run around back bay.  i opted to run on an empty stomach and see how i fared.  unfortunately, i had just purchased a case of gu, so with that sunk cost, i might as well use them up.  i decided to use them sparingly, though.  i met up with special k after a first loop around the bay and ran the second half of my run with him.  the miles just flew by and before i knew it i was done with 21 miles.  the surprising thing was that i had only consumed three gu’s in the space of three hours.  that’s roughly 300 calories and i didn’t feel hungry at all during the run.  my legs felt wonderful and ready to tackle many more miles, if i so chose.  no joint pain, no real fatigue, but instead i was feeling excited and alive.

i was hungry by the time i got home, but not so much that i was going to drop into that hunger headache state.  hours later the legs felt wonderful, too and i was still full of energy and quite alert.  a day later, and there’s no doms going on.  i don’t know what the deal is, but i’m feeling like a million bucks.  i’m running un-injured, healthy and with boundless energy.  the high that i’m on from this week has me wanting to grab some iron oxide and head to the local cave to document the hunt on the walls.

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13 thoughts on “bust out the ochre, baby, i’m on day 14

  1. I am starting to see a run on brussel sprouts and lima beans in Orange County if this keeps up. Were those blood oranges wild? I have often seen oranges ripe for the picking but feared the landowner has hidden cameras.

  2. Poor Lori. She must be a patient, adoring woman. I urge her to hold strong, though, when you start suggesting your child dress in wooly mammoth hide or something. :)

    In all seriousness, I hope it continues to go well for you!

  3. Hey jiif, if this caveman thing is really working out, shouldn’t you be writing these posts in monosyllables by now? Using words with lots of “g”s, “r”s and hard (that’s what she-mate said) “k”s in them?

    And speaking of monosyllables, what’s your caveman word for “monosyllabic”? Is it “og” or “uhk”?

    Your answer will reveal which prestigious cave-college you attended.

    Lastly, does caveman jiif miss his chrome-trimmed toilets? Because if you’re a caveman, you’ve got to be more the “Saturday in the Park” type, right?

  4. i wonder what the FFA says about the whole primal lifestyle.

    cornfields create some of the worst soil; it always seems soggy. i’ve heard that having a diversity of plants — both during the same season and from season to season — promotes more nutrient-rich soil. (but corn and soy are so heavily subsidized that it could easily work against the farmer.) something to think about.

    other than a more primal diet, are you concerned about buying local, organic, or “special” food? just wondering.

  5. @repete i think we’re just trying to get our heads wrapped around the change for now. once we figure out what works for meals and whatnot, we can start looking at where to source the foods from. tim has a garden in costa mesa and gives us lots of stuff. maybe i’ll start up the same and grow my own mirepoix ingredients.

  6. “Strutter”? To borrow a word from your cave vocabulary – Ugh!

    How about “I Wanna Rock and Roll All Night (And Party Every Day)”? That sound like something caveman could get behind (and hit over head with rock).

    Or “Beth”?


    Teh ‘Bro was going out with a girl named Beth when that song came out and so he took her to a KISS concert. Hahahaha! What an effin luzer! Amazingly, their relationship survived that.

    It was that unfortunate Chicago concert that finally broke them up. She said, “Kiss my vara!” to which he replied, “O, yeah? Well … SUCK MY NARDE!”

    That should have led to make-up sex, but it didn’t.

  7. @gqh see? i said i’d heard kiss, but i wouldn’t have known that iwraran(aped) was them. that’s how much off the radar they are. i hope you’re sufficiently pleased with my kiss ignorance that you’ll overlook my graduating from the ‘og’ school of monosyllables.

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