all i want for christmas

i love christmas

i hate christmas

i think those two statements resonate with everyone on some level.  i love the sense of wonder that christmas brings.  i love the time spent with close family and friends.  i love celebrating the birth of our savior.  i love the theme of peace and goodwill.  contrast that with the hate i feel for feeling pressured to purchase gifts.  i hate the attitude of entitlement that people adopt this time of year.  i hate the stressed schedules that develop.  i hate the vomit of red and green themed television.  i hate what society has turned this holiday into.

every year when the holidays roll around the same old question is posed.  “are we going to draw names?” or “do we just buy presents for the kids this year?”.  last year i was smacked upside the head by the whole advent conspiracy thing.  i loved it and took the message to heart.  i took the opportunity to get together with my nephew, went over to home depot and bought the parts to put together a home-made robot for thunderclap.  it was a fun time spent with my nephew and we had time to deepen our relationship.

so, we drew names at thanksgiving for smsmh’s side of the family at thanksgiving.  we were asked the age old question.  “what do you want for christmas?”  i don’t want anything, i don’t need anything but to prevent getting something i’d have to fake being thankful for, i quickly responded, asking for an itunes giftcard.  but the more the season sets in, the more i think i really don’t want even that.

if i’m on your list, please give me the best gift possible.  give your time or resources to someone who needs it.  donate or volunteer with second harvest, send some money to living water or donate to smsmh’s charity, the heart gallery.  that would be the most heart warming gift; that you cared enough about me to heed my wishes and give your precious time and resources to someone truly deserving your giving spirit.

and you, dear readers, won’t you consider the same?  do you REALLY need gifts this year?  do you REALLY want to toss money at a lame gift card for aunt sally?  throw off the shackles of what society tells you you must do this time of year and instead REALLY tap into the giving spirit and truly give of yourself.

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22 thoughts on “all i want for christmas

  1. Well said, Jeff. Enjoy the season. (and it was nice of you to give Glaven an early present. And he thought you didn’t know how to use capitals!)

  2. You always get it and say right. There is nothing I need or want.

    For work, two friends, and our running group, instead of a gift exchange we are adopting a family and buying them gifts, Mitts for the Mens Mission and toys for tots.

  3. nicely said, thanks!

    i was complaining to pete earlier about how i’ve reached an age that having an enormous immediate family no longer pays off during Christmas time…and how living thousands of miles away limits me to buying everyone lame-o gift cards.

    i’m inspired to get creative. i bet my mom would enjoy a day of volunteering and spending time with me over another piece of plastic.

    happy holidays!

  4. thank you for posting this, i dislike the materialistic side of the holiday myself. I also hate it that folks only feel charitable at holiday time – hunger is a daily thing.

  5. i believe we have discussed this topic before, so i’m sure it’s no surprise that i agree 100% with you. whenever i tell people to donate to a charity, rather than give me a gift for christmas or my bday, they don’t seem to believe me. yet, last year, the gifts i cherished most were ones made to charity in honor of me. and Mommy Day and Davey Day are two of my most favorite days of the year.

  6. Last year for Christmas, the boys went online to Amazon and chose computer games that were to be shipped to the children’s hospital in Toronto on behalf of their father, and that was their gift to their father.

  7. I hate Christmas. I hate it more every year. The Grinch really did the right thing. He took away all the crap that made Christmas an annoying commercial holiday.

    Don’t get me wrong. I like the religious holiday (even though it was created as a deal for the pagans). I like the food. And the food. But the insane pressure to buy buy buy drives me crazy.

    If people spent a little less time spending every penny they had? We’d have a nicer Christmas and a more stable economy.

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  9. I completely agree with you. In fact, we’re not exchanging gifts in the family this year. Because seriously – we don’t need any more stuff! I’m going to donate to charity instead. However, I did get suckered into the office ‘Secret Santa’ gift exchange. Sigh.

  10. ding ding ding ding.
    i’m with you on this.
    the only uside is that if i do see something nice and meaningful for someone and buy it for them, I do invest in the holiday tradition. there’s nothing wrong with natural giving.

  11. Glad you didn’t draw my name this year! ;) A donation has been made in your name to the Human fund! Love ya brother!!

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