superheroes, ho!

i put the call out a couple of weeks before halloween this year, hoping that i could get a cadre of goofy super heroes to come out and join my on my annual amazing hip run.  in addition, i wanted to get multiple video cameras out there so we could do a good job of documenting the run.  each year it seems to get more and more grand.  the response was great.  i had two additional heroes, repete and e-rod, to join me and four other people to operate cameras [michelle mayhem, andrea apocalypse, molly mischief and shannon shenanigan].

we met up on saturday morning at the beach in corona del mar, geared up and made plans for the run.  the general idea was to run up the pacific coast highway through downtown corona del mar and up to the high end shopping mecca of fascist fashion island.  since it was early, i figured most of the shops would be closed and we could run through the open air mall without disturbing anyone and get some fun footage.  once our romp at fashion island was done, we’d run back through cdm and finish up at the beach.

we set out and…well, trying to get three goofy, amped super heroes to run together was like wrangling cats.  it was hilarious.  we were all over the place, running down the street, making loops in parking lots and down the middle of traffic islands.  the response from pedestrians and motorists was great.  this was the first year that i noticed a large number of motorists taking photos and video with their cell phones.  i can only imagine the comical tweets that were flying around that morning.

after a while, we found ourselves at fashion island.  all of the gals filming had made it to the mall ahead of us and were ready for us to run through, so rather than circle the mall like we’d planned, we headed on in.  no sooner did we hit the parking lot, though, and the fuzz got wind of us.  i’m pretty sure they radioed ahead to the mall security to let them know we were inbound. 

we ran up the escalator into the mall and started zipping around the fountains and down the various wings of the mall.  we didn’t get far before we ran into someone from security who shouted at us to take off our masks.  i didn’t hear anything about not running, though, so we kept moving.  we took a short break at a cafe to regroup and while we sat there, we were surrounded by security who informed us that there was “no halloween at the mall” and that we should stop “running on the walls”.  they were irate and showed no sense of humor.  so sad.  we contemplated outrunning them, but, i figured a nearly 40 year old superhero with a wife and kid back at home probably shouldn’t tangle with the authorities.  i think i’d loose my “go and be goofy” hall pass if i ended up incarcerated for my halloween hijinks.

so, we opted walk out calmly [#ctya!] and only resumed our run once off the fashion island property.  really, though, that busted the bubble for me.  everything after being kicked out of fashion island was sort of anti-climactic.  some people just suck the joy out of you, ya know?  BUT!  running with goofballs like repete and e-rod made the morning doubly fun and memorable. 

that, there, was a long lead in just to give the background for this year’s video of the amazing hip run.  enjoy!



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10 thoughts on “superheroes, ho!

  1. LOVE the video and love the story. I’m so glad that you do this each year. YaYa and I really look forward to it.

    Happy Halloween to you and your other hero friends! Also, thanks for reminding us each to reach for our own Super Hero powers.

  2. And yet the soundtrack to the video is not DB doing “Heroes”. What – couldn’t afford the royalties price tag Bill Gates was charging to use it (since I assume he owns both the song, now, AND Bowie himself)? He’s just jealous: This post is way better than Windoze 98 ever was and probably has crashed fewer computers. Mostly because not that many people read your blog.

    superheroes, ho!

    Which superhero, though, do you reckon is teh BIGGEST ho? I say Robin of Batman & Robin fame because Adam West is on record as saying they used to call Burt Ward “Teh Thresher”, what with the way he cut a swath through teh skirts on the set.

    Plus, his “young ward’s” actual non-hero name was Dick Grayson. I think in one episode, they revealed his nickname was “Boner”, too. Just try and count how many times Bruce Wayne says to him, “Hold on, Old Chum! I’m coming!” (You can’t count that high.)

    Technically, maybe, Robin is not a superhero.

    But he WAS a superho.

    I don’t usually speak for the Canadian Tamil Youth Alliance (ctya), but in case they never see this post, I’ll venture to say they appreciate the shoutout, jiif.

  3. O.M.G. I am laughing so hard I am crying right now! You guys are hilarious! That looks like so much fun! I wish I could’ve joined in! I love to dress up and be silly!

  4. You should have had a Tim Gunn costume under your superhero cape for Fashion Island! They would have escorted you around like a King or Queen.

    Tim Gunn is here, clear the aisles, Tim Gunn has arrived.

    Love the video! Pure hipster.

    I might hit register if you wear that!

  5. I bet you’d look fabulous in stripes. But I hear they don’t have wireless in prison. Or hot water.

    Nice video HIPPITY!

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