schrödinger’s nipples

10327_1266966434839_1250158073_30785529_2775501_n running at 5am produces a variety of conversational results.  mix together the spectrum of people that show up to run at zero-dark-thirty in the morning, the early morning fatigue that usually accompanies the participants of such early events and the mental tunnel that is generated by running for hours in a bubble of headlamp light and, voila!, the bizarre occurs.  many, many times the participants of these runs have lamented the fact that none of us carry a recording device.  oh, the hilarity that would result from a “dawn patrol” podcast.

take, for instance, this tuesday’s stroll through shady canyon from the quail hill trail head.  the conversation went something like this:

p: no, really guys, what do you think of when you hear that a guy has pierced nipples?

j: well, i think about how bad they’d chafe over the course of a long run.

p: no, what do you of the guy?

j: [purposefully ignoring the follow-up question and continuing the train of thought] i mean, the piercing causes the nipple to be erect all the time and you’d always have to wear band aids over top of them.  and those little circular band aids have the mesh in the middle which isn’t adhesive and you’d have to try to pinch the band aid around the nipple since it wouldn’t have the areola to adhere to…

r: it sounds like you’ve given this quite a bit of thought.

j: well, yes, since i have both of my nipples pierced.

m: no you don’t!

j: yes i do.  but you’d never know because i’m always wearing band aids over them.  it’s like i have schrödinger’s nipples.

c: chirp, chirp, chirp

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10 thoughts on “schrödinger’s nipples

  1. Bahaha. I thoroughly enjoy hearing DP stories…even though they don’t make sense to me half the time.

    Glad aquadump has such a fun group to run with :)

  2. So, are you trying to tell us that your nipples are both erect and flacid at the same time?

  3. Hey, jiif, I thought I would just point out that when rePete says he can’t wait to turn it up to 11, he’s referencing this little film you probably never heard of? Called This Is Spinal Tap?

    You’re welcome. I knew you’d want that made explicit.

    I also wanted you to know that I COULD have put an umlaut over the ‘n’? But I decided not to show off. The way you decided to do with Schrödinger? Then linking it to an article about his cat, like the rest of us aren’t already family with the implications of quantum physics?

    Way to insult our intelligence, jiif!

    Adding: Really? You get “Misty Mountain Hop” from nipple piercing? Isn’t that more an “Immigrant Song”-type thing?

  4. And by “family”, I of course mean “familiar”. Because I know you would want that to be made explicit?

    Also, it’s Friday night and the beer’s kicking in.

  5. I thought that this would’ve been along the lines of how nipple chafing never hurts until you’ve bled through the shirt, and that you never notice you’ve bled through the shirt until you check, so do nipples actually chafe before you look to see if they’re chafed, or what…

    And i’d picture this as more a “Kashmir” type discussion.

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