these days

i’ve been out of the road racing scene for a couple of years now.  i think my last road marathon was boston in 2007.  that’s over two and a half years ago.  true, i’m putting in some more road miles these days so i can run santa barbara w/ gumbyhead in december, but, these days, i’m content to let go of road racing. 

i had a great fling with speed and got a taste of what my racing potential is.  i know that with proper training, i could run a sub 3hr, but, these days, i’d rather enjoy the scenery and the softer surface of trails.  i know that if i hit the hills hard and grunted it out on some of the hard runs i’ve been doing, i could knock out a pretty competitive 50k time, but these days i enjoy my trail runs by cracking jokes and soaking in the company of my dirt peeps.

this is marathon season.  with races being run in most of the big cities every weekend, nearly every running blog has a race recap.  i read through them taking notes on what the runner’s goals are.  time?  finishing?  experience?  these days, i see the successes in these races being an unexpected pr while having a good time, or smiling the whole way, or finishing with friends, or never hitting the wall and loving every minute of the race.

i find it funny how as i age, my perspective on what constitutes success begins to change.  these days, success is measured by the experience you take away from the event; the personal growth, the social interaction, the tangible lessons and the intangible.  there was a day where my singular focus was results based and looking back, that just seems like so little return on the investment.  i’m happy with the experience and happy with my results, but these days?

i’m happy with these days.

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11 thoughts on “these days

  1. Thanks for sharing the other blogs, just checked them out. I am eating up race reports this week… *sigh*

    Great post today, live in the moment and enjoy what it holds…

  2. your post lends me to think you’ve transitioned from a recreational runner to a runner lifestyle, a very noble feat!

    for, i think the advantage of running goals (and running friends) is to keep the runner coming back. but, maybe the goal of finding a different trail, creating a new personal best antic, or rescuing a trail runner is your new “goal?”

    whatever. dude, i’m just glad you’re in the here and now, man.

  3. I’m in an odd spot right now. Since I spent most of last year and a lot of this year being quite ill, I really want to get faster and do some nice hard racing. However, since I was so ill there is a quite zen-like quality to my running, too.

    I’m just happy to be able to breathe and see my body slowly return back to normal. . .and hopefully run some fast times next year. :-)

  4. My “goals” change from day to day but there is one that I don’t want to let go of just yet. My BQ should not come at the expense of the others — though it might hurt a little. I am so happy to know that I’ll have you with me on this, my next journey.

  5. I’m excited to get to this point, but for right now, I’m willing to sacrifice a bit of the fun for the speedy rewards :) But I can’t wait until that is done and I can move onto the trails and friendship aspect of running again.

  6. OK, now that you’ve officially posted it, yah! Hope the marathon comes off without a hitch and everyone that comes from out of town has a great time! Great to hear that you’re coming up.

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