happy when it rains

i met with the president of the company i work for yesterday and got the final word on whether or not i’d be able to work remotely on a permanent basis.  the answer was no.  after asking around a bit, i figured out what the real reason behind the decision was and knowing that it wasn’t just an arbitrary decision, but one that i had been a little concerned about as well, made the disappointment a little less pronounced.  so, no move up to the sierras is currently planned.  as can be guessed, i’m significantly disappointed in the outcome, but trying to focus on the positive things that come out of remaining in southern california. 

foremost, i get to maintain the great working relationship that i currently have with my programmer.  the support system we have established in the way of friends and family will remain intact.  the awesome and ever motivating group of runners that i get to partner with will still be within reach.  so, good stuff, all that.

and, really, if you have a nightly routine like this, does it really matter WHERE you are:

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Darklands lick:
Happy When It Rains
The Jesus & Mary Chain

17 thoughts on “happy when it rains

  1. Hahahaha! Is that the famous tc? VERY cute!

    I like the NYPD Blue-like Production values …

    does it really matter WHERE you are…

    HEY! I know you stole those CAPITAL letters because YOU don’t own any! Give ‘em back, THIEF!1!

    Sorry to hear about the disappointment, jiif, but I think you have the right perspective on it all. Any night you can do that is a good night indeed.

    When will you post your sec-mac/led-zep mash-up?

    Lick: Hey Hey What Can I Do?
    Hipsters: Led Zep
    Wax: B-side again? To “Immigrant Song”? (Don’t hold me to that)

  2. we sure do think he’s adorable and it’s always nice to receive confirmation from other folks. take a look at these two clips…he’s a riot sometimes:

  3. Sad because I know you’re disappointed, but glad because you’re within shoutin’ distance of my pals in Irvine. *bittersweet*

  4. Bummer about being anchored to SoCal, only because it seemed like you were really leaning towards wanting the remote thing to work. Bloom where you’re planted, I guess.

    Very cute clip!

  5. Sorry about the No … but you are absolutely right about it really doesn’t matter where you are … as long as you are all there together.

  6. So, your blog is set to be truncated in Google Reader. That way, if people want to read your post again (for whatever reason, most likely some as-my-partner-and-I-watched-from-the-bush anthropological attempt to understand primitive So-Cal behavior), they gotta click through to here so that it registers as yet another notch on your hit-counter, huh?

    Know what that makes you, jiif?

    Yeah, that’s right. A punk-@$$.

    A primitive, So-Cal punk-@$$!1!

    Lick: I’m the Man Who Murdered Love
    Hipsters: XTC
    Wax: Wasp Star (Apple Venus, Pt. 2)

  7. ah, gavin, my son. you are so caught up in the hamster wheel of blogging, you miss out on the true joy of blogging. blogging for hits, commenting for comments; they get you no where. my son, you must learn to let go of your stats. set free the google analytics and site meters. only then, will you find true peace and blogging happiness.

    [honestly, that truncated rss thing is the default setting for wordpress and i just haven't bothered to change it]

  8. jiif, if it’s all the same to you, i’d rather just attribute it to punk-@$$ery.

    when you gonna change that “i’ll get you yet, eye-booger!” commenting icon of yours? you’re embarrassing tc!

  9. Too bad to hear about no NoCal. But, at least there’s still the hip up the road if I head out to San Diego…

    TC’s huge, by the way. How time flies.

  10. Hi Jeff,

    I’m sorry to hear you and the fam aren’t moving up the hill my way. However, I’m happy to read that you’re looking on the bright side of things on this rather uncontrollable decision. Do make certain to come up the hill and visit, yes?


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