we’re back home after a two week stint up in coarsegold.  it was vacationesque, but the real intent of the trip was for me to test out the feasibility of working remotely on a permanent basis.  when we headed out for the trip up north, both smsmh and i were sitting at 80/20 against moving up north.  as we both began to find our groove with routine, familiarity with the surroundings and as the stress of living in a fast paced society started shedding, those percentages began to change. 

smsmh found places to take tc to keep him occupied and happy.  we discovered the many paces to fish and kayak.  we found frogs, praying mantis, horses, turkeys, deer, coyotes, skunks, quail, humming birds, bats and a variety of interesting insects.  i ran with meghan in her stomping grounds and began to get familiar with the local trail networks.  we soaked in the local culture.  i even went into yosemite and hooked up with donald and his running crew and played on half dome for a day.

and then, on the final full day, we met with a real estate agent and looked at homes.  smsmh and her mom had been scoping out places the whole time we were up there and had a short list to look at before we headed back down south.  each home that we looked at had features and aspects that we really enjoyed, but the first house that we viewed completely clicked with both smsmh and i on so many levels.  it had us at hello.

now, the choice to move is a tough one and there are many pieces that would need to fall into place in order for us to even get to the point where we could make a decision.  one of those major pieces, though, has to do with work.  on thursday, my boss, the president of the company and the director of human resources are having a pow-wow to discuss the possibility.  so, i may have an answer from work this week as to whether or not i have their blessing.

honestly, the more time we spend back here after seeing what awaits us in the foothills of the sierras, if i get a green light from work, i’m prepared to make an offer on the house.  i’m that hooked and that ready to get out of the madness that is southern california.  i’m ready for a new home.

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  1. So you’re just punting the entire Half Dome report over to me, huh? You slacker :) It was awesome seeing you there – I was totally happy that you joined us.

    Big day for you today. Good luck with everything! I’ll send some positive vibes your way.

  2. sorry, donald. since i didn’t take any pictures and you captured the day so perfectly in your post, i had to differ to your superior writing skills.

  3. I could def see why you’d want to make the offer! I would love to do more trail running… so peaceful and challenging! Good luck!

  4. Wow! What a big move for you guys! Well, we would love to visit you guys whenever we head up to Yosemite. :)

  5. Two weeks in the mountains, jiif?


    Are you unable to ‘dig’ that? Not ‘far out’ enough for you?

    Good luck with the (possible) move!

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