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jank, one of those creeps friends that i’ve met through the internet, posted something that resonated with me.  read what he wrote; read what he linked.  it’s brilliant stuff.  and, to follow his lead, here’s what’s in my keyboard:

with my grandfather’s death last week, i was reminded of all the trips we used to make up to june lake for holidays and vacations.  mom and dad would pack us kids into the car at zero dark thirty in the morning.  i remember the zombie walk from my bedroom to the fully packed car in the driveway, always clutching my red, white and blue hand crocheted blanket [with overuse holes].  hard case luggage would be piled and tied to the roof rack on the dusty yellow ford station wagon; complete with faux wood paneling.  the center and rear seats would be folded flat to accommodate our groggy bodies and allow us to sleep for a few more hours as we avoided the la traffic in the wee hours of the morning.  dawn would break and we would slowly be rocked awake by the topography of the 395 as it traversed the california desert.  nearly every trip would see us rubbing the sleep out of our eyes as the sun crested the mountains and lit up the eastern side of the sierras, painting whitney, russell, williamson, et al with alpenglow.

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Farewell: Live from the Universal Amphitheatre Disc 2

7 thoughts on “telling stories

  1. Isn’t it funny that our own kids have never even backed out of the driveway without being strapped into a car seat, yet you laid in the back of your station wagon, and we used to sit in lawn chairs in the back a van? It’s mind boggling! Thanks for sharing such a sweet memory…especially wee Jeff with such a patriotic blankey! :)

  2. Love it! I so enjoy those memories of yours since I was too small to remember that long ago. I do remember sleeping in the back and stopping to put chains on the tires before heading up the mountain. And drying socks on the floor heater after hours of playtime in the snow. Mmmm, and I think there was a bakery in town that dad and I used to walk to :) if that place is ever for sale…..

  3. Good stuff.

    The stories are there, I guess we just figure no one wants to read them. We’re probably wrong.

    And I second Jank’s distaste for management, but that’s a rant not a story, sorry.

  4. Yes, I’ve been re-living a lot of memories since your grandpa (my daddy) passed away. All good – we have been so blessed! And you are making your own stories with Lori and Liam and I love hearing and reading them! They make me laugh and cry :)

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