laughter > coffee

i rolled groggily out of bed this morning at 4am, drug myself up the stairs and into the bathroom to get ready for this mornings pre-dawn run with the dawn patrol crew.  as i sat there, letting my eyes get used to the light in the bathroom, i took a quick assessment of things.  slight niggle in the left knee.  sore quads.  SLEEPY.  i grabbed my iphone and pulled up the text messaging and let my finger hover over the contact field, contemplating typing that text to the run organizer stating that i’d be sleeping through this one.

but, the thought of a goose-egg on the calendar for the day and the fun that i was sure to miss out on drove me to get dressed, eat half a muffin and head out the door.  plus, i’d heard that repete was back in town and i didn’t want to miss out on a chance to hear his bike tour stories.

i was rewarded when i arrived at the trail head and lo and behold, pulled up behind repete’s truck.  i jumped out of the car, waved my body wildly and yelled a hearty hello.  i was finally beginning to wake up.  repete and i had a sound effect discussion about what lsd chris’ truck sounds like.  he thinks it goes, “brum brum brum” and i think it goes, “grum grum grum”.

we headed out for the dreaded loved climb of big bend and repete began regaling us with the stories of his cycling trip through glacier/waterton.  the two of us were running out in front of b, who happened to have a headlamp on.  we laughed at the huge shadows our running forms were making and ended up breaking into an impromptu version of dawn patrol shadow puppet theater. 

my alligator > repete’s dog, btw.

we laughed our way down to laguna canyon and then over to the big bend climb.  yeah…there wasn’t anything funny about the climb and i know i didn’t say anything on the way up.  once up and on our way back to the cars, i tagged along with eric and michelle and we discussed botox.  eric gave us a wonderful demonstration of what laughing with a botoxed face looks like which sent us into such hysterics that michelle ended up having to walk.  seriously, he looked like a muppet.

back at the cars, molly was handing out more party favors, this time with a dental theme.  well, as dental as you can get with sport beans, candy cigars and jelly bellies [i did score a new toothbrush for tc, though!].  the jelly bellies had the flavors written on the box, with varieties like ‘skunk spray’, ‘booger’ and ‘earwax’.  repete and i started cutting up again, making up flavors. 

“spider silk!”



which elicited the best quote of the morning followed by the best laugh.  michelle piped up and offered, “i’ll trade you my earwax for your dingleberry!”

finally wide awake and chipper as ever, i thought to myself as i drove away from the trail head, this is, hands down, the best way to wake up in the morning.

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4 thoughts on “laughter > coffee

  1. (1) This totally explains your status on my google-talk sidebar;
    (2) I wish I had a dawn patrol to help me out of my overly sleepy state;
    (3) Although 4 am is a wee bit early, I am totally coming down your way soon…for a not so early run, laughs, and maybe some earwax or diggleberries.

  2. his is, hands down, the best way to wake up in the morning.

    Pffttt! Better than sex?

    I’d say you should get out more, but actually you should stay in more, is more like it, jiif.

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