the little guy is growing up so fast, it’s amazing the changes we see in him from day to day.  even the short [no, 12 days is NOT short and is WAY to long to be away from home] time i was in the uk, i’ve noticed significant development in tc’s speach and dexterity.  not to mention his size.  the boy just turned two and is already over 3ft.  wow.

anyway, his ability to put thoughts and sentences together and the new words that he constantly throws out has me baffled and often times in hysterics.  take for example the discourse that we enjoyed in the car yesterday while driving to disneyland [what, you don’t go to disneyland after work for dinner?  gotta love annual passes!]:

tc: “see brandon denny-land” [tc’s friend who we might see when we get to d-land]

zq: “you’re going to see brandon?  where is he?”

tc: “over der” [points to the side of the freeway]

zq: “is he hiding behind the wall?”

tc: “yup”

zq: “is he hiding under the seat?”

tc: “yup”

zq: “is he hiding in your sippy cup?”

tc: “yup” [quickly takes a drink]

zq: “oh no!  you drank brandon!  did he taste good?”

tc: “yup!”

smsmh started talking and tc was quiet for a couple of minutes and then started up again:

tc: “OH NO!”

zq: “what’s up, schimmia?”

tc: “drink brandon!”

long pause


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5 thoughts on “deeee-licious!

  1. Hahahahaha! I remember when Ian was that age and we’re STILL saying things the way he taught us to! The kids really do change that quickly when they’re young, and listening to them acquire language and use it is just so unique. (Currently, Ian, at 9, uses his language to launch sarcastic barbs at his Dad who’s a f*cking idiot and knows nothing. Evidently.)
    Bu I remember when he was two I mixed him up some chocolate milk and apparently was not liberal enough in my application of the chocolate syrup because he took the sippy cup, sipped from it, got this quizzical look on his face and handed it back to me saying:
    “Daddy, Ian no feel no chocolate.”
    (For the first couple of years he could speak, he referred to himself in the 3rd person.)
    So i slammed another couple shots of syrup in there, gave him a beer chaser and said, “Go to TOWN, my boy!”
    Hahahahahaha! I’ll never forget that time. He just cracked me up. Actually, he routinely cracked me up when he was that age.
    Enjoy that age, brother! It’s a great time. (SPOILER ALERT: It actually stays pretty great.)

  2. Kids are amazing. Where the hell do they get this stuff? My 3 (almost 4) yr old neice likes to pick out her clothes that look like something I would wear – that’s what she said. ???
    I saw a guy running in back bay this AM and thought it might be you. But I don’t think it was – first off, he was wearing the SAME shorts I was. Like girl shorts (and probably even the same size). You don’t wear girl running shorts do you?

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