big summer plans

well, this week kicks off the start of some big summer plans.  well…mainly for the month of june, but depending how this month goes, the rest of the year might end up being a whirlwind/rollercoaster.

friday, i head off the east coast to hook up with flipperhead, warren and bill for a little triathlon fun.  bill, warren and i are all racing mooseman 70.3 this sunday.  flipper had planned on racing as well, but with a recent injury and starting a new career she didn’t think she’d be up for the distance.  that’s okay, her moral support will be most welcome and i know we’ll talk her into something equally or more crazy in the near future.

as for the race, i’m excited.  i don’t think i’ve trained as hard as i did for wildflower, but i’m not as anxious as i was for that race, either.  i have a big goose-egg for open water swims and my longest ride this year has been 40mi, but i still feel good.  i’ve had some pretty decent brick workouts over the last few months, so my confidence is still high.  i’m not sure what my goals are for race day, though.  i think i’ll gauge how i feel race morning and either determine to race hard or just enjoy the day [actually, either way i’ll be enjoying the day]. 

the race is this coming sunday, june 7th, so if you’re home and on the internet, stop by their website and check out the live internet broadcast of the race.  my bib number is 285 and i’m in the second/day-glow green wave, departing at 7: 04. 

following the race, i’ll be hoofing it over to manchester, uk for another work trip.  i get to spend a weekend in country and am hoping that i can swing a trip to the peak district to get in some fun trail running.  the little taste that i had last year with bill really has me wanting to do something in the 20-30mi range this time around.

then, i come back.  and this is where the REAL fun starts.  upon my return to the states, i’ll be heading up to the yosemite area to stay with the in-laws for a few weeks.  they recently put their house on the market and decided to buy a retirement place up in coarsegold [just outside of yosemite’s south entrance].  for those few weeks that we’ll be staying with them, i’ll be participating in a trial run with work to determine if i can work remotely on a permanent basis.

also, while in coarsegold, we’ll be looking at real estate, quality of living, schools, etc and if we like what we find AND i get the green light from work to tele-commute, we’ll be pulling up stakes too and setting up camp in the foothills of the sierras.  so, if that all pans out, then the rest of the summer is going to be nuts-o with moving and whatnot.

so, lots of big stuff happening.  i’m excited and anxious for what june holds!

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14 thoughts on “big summer plans

  1. Sounds like you have a hectic couple of weeks ahead of you.
    Enjoy the race and say hi to everyone!
    Hug TC – I miss the little guy :)

  2. so, basically, you’re crazy! we’ll check up on you sunday!!! and, no way to the mowhawk!! but, maybe to the headband.

  3. Once again, I’m vicariously running through you. (I fell down while in Peru. Yes. There was alcohol involved.)
    Be sure to post lots and lots of pictures and stuff.

  4. Mooseman! Gotta love a race with a moose in it. I hope all works out well for your possible move this summer. Sounds like you have some exciting challenges ahead!

  5. Those *are* big plans. Good luck this weekend and with the tele-commute beta. I hope it all works out the way you planned.

  6. Whoa. Good luck with ALL of that, brother.
    I’ll be home on Sunday but at home I’m still on dial-up, so I don’t think I’ll be tracking you in your race! Hahahaha! I can barely get e-mails.
    Sometimes it doesn’t pay to be so cheap.
    Hope your work gives you the go-ahead to telecommute because what you have planned sounds like a scha-WEET setup.

  7. Yay! I love to track races while sitting in the adirondak with a beer and the laptop. I’ll cheer to you. Good luck!

  8. that would be awesome if you could telecommute from the woods.
    best wishes at the race and post lots of pictures!

  9. The race was exceptional, the area beautiful.
    But the weekend was made with the company. Hope there was room to stretch on the flight.

  10. Holy crap! Whoop!
    Let me know if I can be of any help locally. Seriously, moving boxes and furniture or running errands or whatevs.
    Good luck with all these big things, and I look forward to seeing you and meeting your family up here in the hills!

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