let it snow, let it snow

we received a phonecall from smsmh’s mom on tuesday asking if we were planning on heading up to mammoth for the weekend.  i vaguely remembered the trip being proposed, but had no idea of the dates or what the plan was.  so, at the last minute, we decided to pack up and make the drive up to the mountains in the hopes of seeing some snow.

the drive through the desert and up the 395 was fantastic, as always, but this time we had thunderclap along for the voyage.  it’s a long 6+ hour drive, but the little guy did fantastic.  we made one major stop in lone pine for breakfast and some play time in the park, but aside from that, he was content in the car-seat.

as we rolled out of bishop on the last leg of the drive, we started to see flakes coming from the clouding sky.  as we drove higher, the temperature began to fall and by the time we hit the turn off for mammoth, there was legitimate snow falling from the sky.  we tried to point out the snow to tc, but i don’t think he was able to notice it in the moving car.  once we stopped, though, he was in a state of wonder.

i had to keep correcting him as he exclaimed, "bubbles!  rain!  rain!  bubbles!".  "no, thunderclap, that is snow!".

with the temperatures on the frosty side, we opted to stay inside for most of the day on friday with a fire in the stove and just chill.  the snow was slated to continue through noon on saturday, so we had our fingers crossed that we’d have some time later in the weekend for tc to get out and play in the snow.

mammoth backcountry run i got up early on saturday and headed out with the sunrise for a run and was greeted to a cloud-free sky.  honestly, i was a little disappointed as i was hoping to run through the storm, but sun on fresh snowfall is nothing to sneeze at, so i ran the run before me.  i took a fun loop through the backcountry and ran on some jeep trails.  the elevation gain was significant and the going was challenging, but it was a complete joy to be out in the snowy wild. 

upon returning to the condo, i found everyone awake and the skiiers in the family already on the slopes.  so, we packed up the sledding gear, thunderclap, smsmh, grandma and sisalopehead and headed over to a slope to let tc have his first snow experience.

smsmh & tc he was immediately in heaven.  he was digging in the snow, rolling around, trying to slide, throwing it and just having a ball.  i took him a little way up the slope and plopped him in the saucer and let him slide down the hill.  this produced a cacophony of squeals and shouts of MORE! and ‘GAIN!

over and over we let him slide down the hill until smsmh and i were pooped from hauling him around through the snow.  we took a break from the sledding and sisalopehead entertained him with the making of a SNOW…MAN!  tc's snowmanagain, he was transfixed as this powdery white stuff was transformed into a shape that he recognized.  and once the face was added, he had to exclaim over and over that it was, indeed, a SNOW…MAN!

the rest of the weekend was nice and relaxing and we topped off the trip before heading home with a visit to the massive volcom brothers skate park.  smsmh’s brother hopped on his board and tore the place up.  before long, though, it was time to head home and bring the weekend to a close.

tc, though, is still re-living the adventure, telling everyone he sees about the SNOW! he played in this past weekend.  i’m excited about many more opportunities like this in the near future.  there’s nothing like experiencing these new things through the eyes of a child.

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13 thoughts on “let it snow, let it snow

  1. They really make you see it through the eyes of a child again, don’t they? My son is significantly older than tc, but I remember when he was that age and how he stood outside in wonder staring up at the sky the first time he was old enough to appreciate that IT WAS SNOWING. And you kinda lose the ability to see it that way … until you have kids and they give it back to you.
    Great post, brother.

  2. oh.my.goodness… what a DOLL. Does he ask about me? Why are you keeping us apart??

  3. This is how I like to spend vacations too — getting in the solitary runs before everyone else is awake. You know, every time you write about your trips to somewhere along the 395, I make a mental note to follow in your tire tracks someday. That notepad is starting to be covered with such notations….TC looks adorable all bundled up.

  4. I tried to leave a comment twice now and it won’t go through. Dang, it was a good one too. Boo hoo.
    TC is adorable all bundled up.

  5. Kids and snow have got to be about the most adorable thing in the world. And running first tracks (or cutting them on skis) is a close second.

  6. Good stuff. Pure joy for sure experiencing so many things anew from little tc’s perspective.
    Got a good chuckle out of the yellow snow pic.

  7. Yeah. I’m reading along, getting the whole drift of the day; then peek at the pics. How nice. Great family shots, snowy landscape …. then you’re yellow snow special. Geesh!

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