it’s a sign

i’ve figured out why the elderly discuss all of their various ailments and physical symptoms.  they’re trying to determine if what they’re experiencing is a normal sign of aging or something that they should be concerned about. 

isn’t that what we do, as athletes?  listen to any group for a period of time and discussions of common ailments will arise.  itb, runner’s knee, pf, etc.  we discuss all of those things to find out remedies and if the discomfort is the normal sign of exercise or something to be concerned about.

it is comical, though, that a group of runners will sound like a gaggle of elderly folks as they eagerly chat about aches, pains and items that fall under the tmi category.

i guess it’s just a sign of running.

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3 thoughts on “it’s a sign

  1. Cyclists also fall under the same signs: lots of TMI talk about nether regions and the various maladies.
    Gotta love endurance sports, don’cha?

  2. i have to agree with you. i had not thought of it that way, but then, it is true.
    likewise, there is nothing a runner will not do to get back on the road as soon as possible after unexpected embarrassing incidents occur. privacy does not matter.

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