logging off


what are we doing? this facebook thing, the social networking, twittering, etc? what is it we’re doing? i see some validity to the technology and believe me, i love it. but when do you use it? at work. at home. at times when your attention is most required away from said technology.
so, our economy is tanking, people’s livelihood is threatened by layoffs, our children are to be saddled with ridiculous debt and the world economy is suffering worse than in most of our recent history and all we can do in response to it is micro blog and make silly links with people from our distant past? are we that elitist? don’t we see what a huge middle finger that is to the people suffering?


i’m logging off. my time is needed elsewhere. work needs my attention. god forbid i get fired for goofing off on facebook during this economy. my wife needs my attention. yeah, it’s funny that we both sit on the couch at night on our respective laptops browsing our communities, but what life is that? my son needs my attention, not a father distracted by checking peoples status on his iphone.   i’m going to take that time and apply it to something productive and stop flipping the bird to the rest of the world.

i hope you do, too.

*** edit ***
i’m keeping the blog, you silly people. i’ll keep up with my rss feeds, too. that’s like reading the morning paper for me. duh.

11 thoughts on “logging off

  1. Jeff,
    I can certainly understand where you are coming from. Being connected face to face, flesh to flesh is what’s really important. This crazy medium has brought many great people into our lives. Keeping up with them all can be very time consuming. I’m think of you and tc often. I will also remember the runs we got to share in Chino Hills, Huntington Beach, Aliso/Wood Canyon and our first on the San Diego River Trail when you road along side me. Your example pushed me to really run and finally go sub 4:00.
    All the best to you and your family. I hope we meet up again someday.

  2. Awww…I’ve enjoyed reading of your adventures and vicariously running through you when I was sick. But I completely understand.
    Enjoy and feel free to “drop in” and say hi every once in a while.

  3. Dude, you better be sending me pics of that little one every now and then, or I’m sending my twin back to CA to find you.
    I’m a little sad. : (

  4. Really?! This is a total bummer. I totally sympathize with you, though. I have to dial my computer involvement back more often than I care to admit. You’re right on the mark about priorities.
    For what it’s worth, you were one of the first blogs I discovered, and the first to comment on a post of mine a few years back. You were an example to me of how this whole blogging thing works, and I’m grateful for that. On a related note, if I ever get fired for blogging too much, I blame you.
    It was a pleasure to finally have our paths cross a while ago, and I hope they do so again sometime down the road. Go well, my friend.

  5. I’ve often wondered about how much time we devote to the world at our fingertips while the real woes and wonders go unnoticed, or — even worse — ignored. I’m not complaining because I wouldn’t have met so many wonderful people in the real world without venturing into the virtual ones. That includes you and Lori and that little cherub I hope to finally hug in person at a race we both enter.
    Don’t lose touch, Jeff.

  6. I tried over and over again yesterday to figure out how to get FB and my email off of my Blackberry…it’s gotten to be so distracting at all times. I miss the times when I used to set aside an hour in the evening to check up on blogs, check my email, etc. It was like it was “me” time. Now, I feel totally overwhelmed these days and I can only think it’s because I’m trying to keep up with people that I haven’t seen in 15 years and have absolutely nothing in common with anymore. I’m glad you’re keeping up with you’re blog though!
    By the way, my sister just got fired from her job last week for posting an innocent picture of a co-worker on her MySpace.
    Thanks, as always, for sharing your opinion.

  7. Sorry, maybe I misunderstood … does this mean that you’ll keep WRITING your blog, or just keep it online? I hope you write something from time to time to keep us posted, but that’s just me being selfish.
    Either way, the stuff I said above still stands.

  8. Jeff, I can totally relate to this! It is a bold decision but in certain situations it is inevitable. No man is like an island, although this is by all means a temporary thing (come on, people!) the crisis affected all of us. When my workload increased significantly around May-June of 2008 I made a similar decision, and put blogging on-hold. Having said that, it is still a bit sad you have to do that as your posts have always been a lot of fun to read.

  9. good point! I don’t twitter because it makes me crazy but I’m a little addicted to FaceCrack. Hopefully some day I will actually get a job and have to give it up, also. Fortunatly I’m also addicted to LinkedIn

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