the amazing hip rides again

it’s that season.
the evening light fades sooner. the air gets crisper. the leaves start changing colours. pumpkins begin to adorn doorsteps. and a very strange man, decked out with an odd uniform and mylar cape runs through the downtown areas of random towns.
yes, the amazing hip returned.
this year, since smsmh was running the half marathon in santa barbara on saturday [with a pr in the rain w/ little sleep, no less], i suited up on friday afternoon and headed down state street in santa barbara to enjoy the local scenery and see if there were any kittens in trees that i could rescue. it was a pretty mild affair, with no superhero duties to perform. but i’ll tell you this, i received the warmest welcome ever while here in sb. there were more enthusiastic motorists and confused stoners than i’ve ever encountered.
i hope you enjoy the video as much as i did making it.

18 thoughts on “the amazing hip rides again

  1. you should be REQUIRED to make these videos every year. As a matter of fact, I’m going to start demanding a month ahead of time. So freaking awesome.
    You could even have Superhero Runner Video contests, so that dorkiness can prevail all over the world.

  2. Now that beats all.
    I am amazed Homeland Security didn’t chase you down for running with a mask over your face and acting weird.
    Must be the California standards are a little different from the norm.
    I am amazed which is why they call you the amazing hip.

  3. This was great! I only wish I had a still photo of The Amazing Hip searching the horizon for stranded cats or other amazing deeds undone! I added this in my blog… hope you don’t mind!

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