more monkey business

okay, okay…i know my blog is supposed to be about training and running and gear and stuff, but i shot this clip of thunderclap yesterday and i can’t stop myself from sharing it.  i hope it makes your day as much as it makes mine.  oh, and stay tuned…it’s rumored that the amazing hip is in town…

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Siamese Dream lick:
The Smashing Pumpkins
Siamese Dream

7 thoughts on “more monkey business

  1. TC,
    You are so cute. I’m hooked on you but your squeal is going to get me in trouble (for watching your video at work). *BIG smile*
    Hugs ‘n Kisses,

  2. That’s is a great video. A pure example of the ah-ha moment when he realizes what happens when he pushes THAT button. I love it.

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