where, oh where?

oh, my poor blog.  you poor, poor neglected blog.  you’ve been beaten in the past several weeks, and i haven’t even stopped by to even drop a gratuitous post on your fair front page.  how will you ever forgive me.

so, things have been busy lately.  breakingthetape.com [or, lovingly referred to as btt] has been taking up quite a bit of time these days.  we’re working hard at a front page overhaul, a technology overhaul and standardizing scripts/reports and gadgets.  in the midst of this, the btt blogs blew up and i was forced to attempt a blog platform upgrade that introduced such technical complexity with modifying the templates that i lost a couple bloggers.  that, though, i completely understand.  hosting blogs on btt started out as a kinda cool way to give back to the community, but with several high profile blogs on the site, the server was taking huge hits due to all the comment spam that it had to deal with.  ugh.

so, big changes there and lots of coding going on in addition to running 20+ milers on trails in the wee hours of the morning, a 17mo old behemoth baby that is learning animal sounds and how to run and the full time job with a challenging workload…well, the all conspire to make the blog feel a little neglected.

but, just because nothing is being posted doesn’t mean that groovy things aren’t happening.  i’m currently testing product for mission, tech40 and uk gear which will result in some interesting product posts.  also, next year’s race schedule is currently in development.  so far it’s looking like a great blogger event in new hampshire next summer for some moose love, an early season half iron in my backyard and an inaugural half iron that ends in magic mountain.  can you say, "race day magic"?  i thought so!

so, stay tuned for fun training stuff and if you’re lucky, i might slip in a video of tc bawking like a chicken.

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10 thoughts on “where, oh where?

  1. tried and tried to leave a good comment…it was destroyed in transit somehow.
    am happy to hear I’m not the only one to abuse my tireless blog, who works so hard and is so neglected.
    sigh. poor blog.

  2. I would love to hear TC do animal sounds. Not that we don’t miss news of you – we do! But babies rule. My personal favorite age is 18 mos – 3 years. Just priceless. They start to figure out how the world works and it’s so much fun. The ‘terrible twos’ are just a reaction. Two year olds are awesome little people that just want to do it “BYSELF!” as my daughter used to declare. Who can blame them?
    ps – the font size on my btt workout log is heeyoge! Any ideas?

  3. Busy, busy, busy. Life isn’t full if you aren’t always busy. Right? And, speaking of busy, I am recovering from Nike and ready to embark on more training. Napa is already paid for thanks to my fall in January. I’m going to ask (because I have to), do you have enough time to put together a training plan for me (now ’til March 1, 2009)? I’ve been cross training on M,W and running TU (speed/hills),TH,SAT. I would like another day of running. I’m not ready to work as hard as last time I trained with you – less mileage, fewer workouts, but quality. Take your time to consider this. I’ll totally understand if you say No.

  4. Weird. I hadn’t seen any new entries in Bloglines but decided to swing by and — lo and behold — you’ve updated the blog. Great news about TC learning to walk. Yes, now the fun begins with babyproofing the house.

  5. Cake, Comfort Eagle. I used to have that album.. I forget what it sounded like. How’s the little man? Greg’s on his break for the next month. Maybe we can see you guys!

  6. You’re alive!
    I can almost hear TC making animal sounds – now if only there was a way to really hear him ;)
    Thanks for fixing up the blogs, btw!

  7. I hope you’re planning on doing Reach the Beach in NH. It would be so fun to see you there. And you should really plan a trip to Idaho to watch Dave in the ironman.

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