a sweet voice

saturday night, after the triathlon, i came down with the flu and have been down and out for the last few days.  this flu really kicked me in the butt.  i was so wiped out that i spent most of the day monday and tuesday in bed.  i’m on the mend now and may be back on the trails on friday…we’ll see how the lung cookies cooperate.

part of being healthy is keeping a healthy mind set.  if you’re happy and you know it, health tends to follow along.  so, when you’re sick and feeling like crap, one of the best cures is to find things that make you smile.  when you’re immersed in the following video all day long, it’s hard not to recover quickly:

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Work Work Work (Pub Club Sleep)
The Rakes

5 thoughts on “a sweet voice

  1. He looks so different! I’m so excited to see you with your little boy…..totally sweet. Miss you guys!

  2. Man I love that little guy!!! He is so, so cute! I’ve watched this video at least a dozen times and he gets cuter each time. I can hardly wait to see you all and play with Liam. Maybe I can get him to say Gamma :) That would be so cool.
    We miss you all,
    Mamacita :)

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