happy easter!

we took family photos on sunday at the in-law’s place.  tc was all giggles and smiles through the whole shoot.  the pictures of the grandkids turned out the best.  i could post all 50+ of them because they’re ALL great, but i’ll spare you and just put up a couple.

lean squeel

14 thoughts on “happy easter!

  1. Oh my goodness…what a charming little imp! That mug. It’s too much cuteness to take all at once. I need to go lay down.

  2. oops – I got the Barney Rubble page and ended up double posting – sorry! Although really – can you be told your baby is cute too many times? Naw.

  3. ohhhh my goodness . . . cute overload indeed! Those rosy cheeks kill me. He’s gonna have so many girlfriends!

  4. hey, very cute pictures of TC…he looks so sweet in the first one, just chillin’ miss you guys…have a fun trip!

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