a banner year

i typically don’t do the ‘resolution’ posts or the ‘look back on x year’ posts, but i was just thinking about 2007 and what an amazing year it was.  i think topping it will be hard.  i mean, for good reasons, 1994 was an epic year.  but the gestalt version of 2007 is pretty impressive.

first off, i ran my first 50k ultra in february, the twin peaks ultra, which was huge horizon expanding experience.

i followed that up in april with my second boston marathon, this time joining my good friend and coaching experiment, flipperhead.  in epic conditions too boot!

then tri season kicked in, and as i began ramping up my training for an intended fall ironman, i raced wildflower, my first half iron distance event, and successfully attacked the swim.

then late spring rolled around and the whole world changed with the birth of our son, thunderclap newman.  i’ve tried to put into words how incredible the experience has been and the closest thing i can compare it to is mountaineering.  the blood, sweat and tears necessary to get to the summit of a mountain are rewarded by a sensory overload of joy and beauty.

with a scaled back training season, i was still able to pull off a pr at the camp pendelton oly and a decent finish time at the long course tri in santa barbara.

to finish the year off, i ended up with my first set of stitches due to kissing quartzite while trail running in the arizona desert.

i can’t think of a year that has been more jam packed with amazing experiences.  that really sets a high bar and i’ll do my best to at least meet, if not exceed, it this year.

8 thoughts on “a banner year

  1. “the blood, sweat and tears necessary to get to the summit of a mountain are rewarded by a sensory overload of joy and beauty”
    that says it all…
    (great way to put it)

  2. a benchmark year indeed. Thanks for sharing it all too! Expecially the great pics. You got a good scar from the mouthful of mountain?
    Also, what say you to another canyon run with your old pal HTPPNH on Feb 15 or 16? Name the canyon, I’ll be there.

  3. Hi Sweetie, Isn’t it amazing how one, sweet little life can change the world for you!! What an incredible gift from God to you and Lori. I’m proud of you – you’re a great daddy and Lori is an adoring mommy. I’m proud too that you’ve kept up your running. You’re an inspiration to so many. I love you babe, Mamacita!!

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