all tied up

it seems we’re heading out to the desert for all the major holidays these days.  this past weekend we drove out to arizona again to spend a couple days with my parents and both sisters (complete with families).  this means we had me-maw, p-paw, bfbh, aflbh, kkpwh, sph, diadh, kurd, sedeh, jjh, pbh, smsmh, tc and myself.  (i’m’ thinking it’s time to set up a glossary of head-name acronyms)  that’s a lot of acronyms under one roof!

i had a score to settle with the white tank mountains, so on saturday morning, i headed back out to do battle with the mountain.  i picked another finish for the loop rather than ford canyon (since the two miles of running through that sandy wash was just plain anoying).  i went up the goat camp trail again, this time knowing what was ahead and dosing my effort better.  as a result, i didn’t have to walk any of the climb.  at the top, i stopped quickly to take a couple shots and then began the long, winding trail that would take me past the radio antenna and to the top of mesquite canyon.  again, this easy sloping section of the trail is so much fun to run.  it’s not technical, yet it’s narrow single track.  you can really get moving and feel like you can cruise forever. 

DSC00003 i hit the top of mesquite, checked my map again and based on the elevation contours, it looked like i was in for some really fun and twisty singletrack on the way back down out of the mountains.  i started heading down the trail and was treated with a view of a trail hugging the side of the canyon and winding out of sight.  i quickly pulled out the camera and started shooting video.  i ran about two miles with the camera on (don’t worry, i edited the length of the video…it’s still pretty grainy and bouncy, though) to catch just how awesome these desert mountain trails are.









after a couple hours and an eleven mile loop, i was back at the car.  no tumbles, no dna left on the rocks and a beautiful morning out in the arizona desert.  this spot is one that i’m going to return to.  it’s a great area as long as i skip the ford canyon trail.  the score has been settled with the mountain.  i didn’t pee on it and it didn’t break my bones.

16 thoughts on “all tied up

  1. Jeff, you really taped your full run! Wow! Never saw anyone else to do a thing like that before. Did you do it all by yourself or had a camera crew running with you? And did you record the sound track (your breath mostly) while capturing the video or afterwards like they do it with most of the movies?
    After watching the whole movie it felt like I ran there as well – so I added 10 more miles to my weekly running log (titled “running with Jeff in Arizona”). Is that wrong?
    As mean as it might sound I wish you had you camera on last time when you felt on that boulder :)

  2. hey, that video is very cool! …we had a BLAST with you guys this visit!!! we are missing you guys and TC already!! love ya!

  3. hey, that video is very cool! …we had a BLAST with you guys this visit!!! we are missing you guys and TC already!! love ya!

  4. How in the heck do you film while running, and manage to avoid falling? That’s crazy.
    It looks like a beautiful spot, though. Merry Christmas to your family.

  5. What a cool thing, jeff!! You inspire me further!! Thanks for taking us along for the ride on a cool run in the desert over Christmas.
    tc should be so proud!!

  6. …as careful as a guy carrying a video running downhill can be.
    It’s cool that you can make out the irregularity of your cadence as you side step obstacles along the way. Nice route!

  7. Next time you’re out this way, we’ll run Wolf Trail together. No mountains, but you might find a tiny bit more greenery.
    Awesome vid. Looks like a great trail.

  8. Jeff,
    Happy holidays to you and your family!
    Yeah, a carefree, incident-free run! I’m so happy to hear you came home with all of your skin and teeth. Continue enjoying your holidays in the desert!

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