make some noise!

so, the little guy is starting to ‘talk’. no, he’s not quoting mark twain yet, but we’re working on it. please to enjoy the following latest clips from our newly vocal little guy:

9 thoughts on “make some noise!

  1. i showed the videos to my daughter, lola (6 years old). she absolutely loves them! she’s now tc’s biggest admirer (apart from you, maybe)

  2. da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da…
    Just you wait. Also, your wife and you should know that apparently da-da is easier to say than ma-ma. So when it happens, she shouldn’t feel less important. He loves you both.

  3. hey, even cutter than that? hudson talking back to tc talking and making noises….he loves watching the video of his cousin. tee, hee!!

  4. sorry, ment to say cuter..he isn’t a cutter…well, he may take after his dad someday and cut on people, but for now he is just cuter…ha!

  5. you just made my morning! i would give a gazillion dollars to have videos like that of my little 20-year old daughter!

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