summer trail series – race report

well, i made it out to the third and final race of the summer trail series in peters canyon. again, it was a great day; sunny, a little warm and comfortably breezy. smsmh and tc came out to watch and we were all able to hang out for a while before the race started up. jessica showed up shortly before the race started, too, and she was finally able to meet tc and see in person just how chubbily awesome he is.
i hopped into the starting chute a couple minutes before the start and spotted several people that i knew. i chatted with a few people, and while i was talking to rick from snails pace [now fleet feet], i spotted the guy. yup. he was there again, doing his same, macho bouncing, head shaking and arm waving. yup. the growler was back. this time, though, he was actually complaining about how many people showed up. what? dood. more people means that the race organizers will probably continue the series. yeah…i know it means you’ll finish further back and your high ranking from the first race when there were only 75 people there will be blown. but dood. you’re not elite. and it’s not ‘your race’. so, quit yer growling.
this time, the course ran up the canyon clockwise and then looped back onto the ridge just after the two mile mark. i caught the growler within the first mile, and yes, he was growling when i passed him. i was feeling pretty good and was slowly trying to work my way up through the ranks. there were a ton of high school xc kids this time around, which made for some fun racing. when we hit the hills, the kids would slow down on the climbs, but come flying past me on the downhills.
i ended up yo-yo’ing with a couple hs guys. on one of the climbs i touched one of the kids on the back as i went past him and said, “tag, you’re it!”. he laughed and laughed again when he flew past me on the backside of the hill. those kids were fearless on some really steep stuff. man…to be young again and not care about my knees! haha
after we cruised out of the hills, we hit the long downhill and i passed up the guy that i’d tagged earlier. i told him “good job” and then looked back and added, “don’t let me beat you!” once he’d recovered from the hills, he started his kick and there was no way i could keep up with him. i did pass a few other guys on the final stretch into the finish, but i’d been tagged and my quarry was going to stay away.
the funny thing is that i thought this course felt harder and that i was going a little bit slower, but turns out i finished almost a minute faster than last month. final time was a 34:55, just a hair under a 7 minute pace for the course. i was really happy, and once i’d cooled down, ready to eat some grub at the bbq that the organizers put on. what a great finish to the series and something i’ll definitely do again next summer.

9 thoughts on “summer trail series – race report

  1. tag…so cool…even to stay with those hs xc guys are are priming for their season right now.
    tc may be there in a few short years!!
    hey, jeff, help flipper recover too…her spill today was way worse…

  2. Excellent race and aren’t you barrel of fun out there? I’ll bet that kid really enjoyed smoking you at the end but in a really good humored sort of way. That’s one less growler in the making. Way to go!

  3. I think someday I’ll have to run on the same course as you, just to experience what it must be like to be within the amazing hip’s awesome aura.

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