hip update

so. i’m a dad. what can i say?
that fact becomes more clear as each day passes. each day i see something different that my son does. each day that he smiles when i sing him a song. each day that he spits up half his bottle on my favorite race shirt. each day…
i never though, never imagined the enormity of taking on this role and at the same time, the joy that it would bring. even more so than i thought a handful of weeks ago when i was overwhelmed with emotion when it finally hit me. it seems each new day brings with it another handful of rad, personally delivered by thunderclap.
i’m finding that i’m becoming such a sap these days. i’m a big ben folds fan and i happened across one of his videos the other day. i sat and watched it several times. well, more than several. the desire to drop everything and rush home to spend as much time with tc as possible was overwhelming.

after that, i decided to pull out the video camera and be a bit more aggressive with my filming habits and even go so far as to upload some of the clips for inclusion on the blog. i figure i get goofy enough on the blog and why not include just how goofy i sound when i talk to tc. these couple clips are just the tip of the iceberg. just wait till i start filming his poop.

16 thoughts on “hip update

  1. Jeff….only you would ask your child if had a “fluid void”…lol…nice videos, and what a cutie! I like how he made the best face when you asked him if he pooped today!

  2. ha, just cute! just you wait until he starts talking back. then they grow up too fast. we went back to school shopping for The Kid and it was time to buy real bras for her. uhm..it was an event.

  3. Hi Sweetie, Sorry, I’m a true grandma – this made me cry! I love what has overwhelmed you. These are so precious and priceless. When you were singing to TC, I realized that that song has been passed along to probably about 4 generations. TC is the only one in our family that can pass the HMSmith name on. Amazing how God planned this all out.
    I can hardly wait to hold him in my arms again.
    Love, Mom :)

  4. That’s what I’m talking about Jeff. I can’t avoid talking about my boys…every blinking moment is so precious.
    You’ve got it figured out now.
    Great vids!

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