highs and lows

we found last weekend that smsmh’s grandmother on her dad’s side had passed away. the funeral was scheduled for tuesday, so we scrambled to get packed and make the drive up to stockton to visit family and attended the services. grandma was in her 90′s and had lived an amazing life of activity and inspiration. she left behind a husband of 64 years and three daughters along with two kids-in-law. smsmh’s grandfather is typically stoic, aloof or making wisecracks. this time, though, there were moments while she was in the hospital and during the services where he showed just how much she meant to him. after the services, we decided to take him up to lake tahoe for the weekend to let him have some time out of the house and away from everything.
i had to fly back down to work on tuesday evening and ended up flying back up on thursday morning. smsmh, tc and i headed up to tahoe, where her brother and his family were already up at the condo with grandpa. grandpa wanted nothing more than to just hang out at the casino and gamble; his favorite pastime with grandma. while he hung out playing the slots, smsmh and i spent time with her brother’s family. i walked down to the lake with my nephew and we talked about driving out to emerald bay and swimming out to fannet island. i had brought my wetsuit and planned on getting in some really quality workouts up at altitude.
well, as all parents know, vacationing with an infant is an exercise in flexibility. i had to scratch most of my plans for workouts and ended up squeezing in a morning lake swim before the rest of the house had woken. both friday and saturday mornings, i headed down to south lake tahoe beach [a mere five minute walk from the condo!] and jumped in the comfortably cool water of the lake and knocked out two one mile swims. the great thing about swimming in lake tahoe is how clear the water is. there’s no muck or sediment floating in the water to obstruct your vision. as a result, you can almost always see the lake bed, unless the water is too deep. i was sticking to pretty shallow water, nothing more than about 30′ deep, but it was fun to glide over the rock formations in the sandy floor and feel like i was flying over some martian landscape. i really wish i’d been able to get out to emerald bay or dl bliss, since those areas are much deeper and have incredibly rocky bottoms. next time, though!
friday we took the gondola ride from south lake tahoe to the heavenly summit. i put tc into the snuglie and carried him for the whole trip up. when we got up to the top, we picked one of the easier trails and hiked to one of the overlooks. it was fun to take tc on his first hiking trip. he seemed to really enjoy it and the outdoors really relaxed him…so much so that he fell asleep. he treated us to a wonderful present on the ride down in the gondola that tickled our senses. with the sun beating down on the glass and very little airflow, it made for an exciting experience.
we’re back home now and very excited to not have to put tc in the car seat at all today. the guy was an amazing traveler; sleeping the entire 9 hour ride up and down and completely mellow the entire time we were away. everyone commented on how relaxed and quiet he is. well, they don’t hear him when he wakes up with a wet diaper at 3am, but, hey, we’ll take the compliment. still, we’re happy to be home and back in settings that are familiar to him.

8 thoughts on “highs and lows

  1. Doesn’t carrying tc around count as a workout?
    I used to love carrying my boys around in one of those things. As chaotic as those days were then, I look back on them with a smile.

  2. Shame about the circumstances but sounds like the family had a good trip away. The lake sounds like an awesome place.

  3. Thanks for the family photo…you guys all look awesome. Traveling with an infant is a trip, but you get through it.

  4. You’re living a new life these days bro…so many changes for all of you. I’ve found, and you may have noticed this, that if an infant is around it helps people deal with the passing of a loved one.
    Just wait til TC moves up to a ‘backpack’. My kids loved that stage…and travelled well on my back everywhere we went.
    Take it easy buddy.

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