mr. smith goes to washington

since today is the fourth, i, like most other americans, have the day off. that means i get to spend more time with tc and pick up more of the feeding, diaper changing, etc. this morning, i landed the enviable 7am feeding. enviable because whoever gets that watch also selects his outfit for the day.
this morning, the little guy was in a right good mood. he was smiling and giggly when i got him up for his feeding, and when i plopped him down on the changing table, he didn’t make a noise and actually grinned when i gave him zerberts on his belly. so, as i went through the drawers looking for an outfit, with him giggling along as i sang about the different onesies i was coming across, i kept my eye out for something to celebrate the day.
finally, perseverance paid off and i came across a blue onesie with a little likeness of the american flag on the breast. perfect! i dressed him in his patriotic outfit and i sang him the national anthem while he smiled along. once dressed, i sat down on the couch upstairs to read some of the fourth harry potter book to him and had a great laugh at how much like a little congressman he looked. i just had to shoot some pictures of him and actually got his take on what he would of done if he had been in jimmy stewarts shoes.

11 thoughts on “mr. smith goes to washington

  1. Happy 4th & RABBIT!
    We sang every patriotic song we could think of tonight before blowing out the American cake candles… even whistled the tune to Bridge Over River Kwai??? lol
    HEH!!! I can’t wait to see your little man! We are looking at a visit this month!

  2. Hi Sweetie, Happy 4th to you too. We all went to the home of one of Noelle and Geoff’s friends and there were lots of kids doin’ the “slip and slide” thing. You’d have had a ball with them. They also had a large trampoline, sans Jeff!!
    TC is adorable. He’s growing so fast. He looks so different from the 7 days old little guy we saw before we left California. He’s so precious and I can see the three of you have taken a liking to each other!! Bless you my son and new daddy!! Give our love to SMSMH and TC for dad and I.
    Love, Mom :)

  3. hey, too cute!!! glad that he was giving you some cute smiles and giggles on your day off!!

  4. Here’s an idea, jeff…what if we blew zerberts on the bellies of all the folks in congress…wouldn’t that lighten things up a bit?? We can use tc as the example, since he looks the part, eh??
    Glad you persevered to the correct onsie for the day…well done!!

  5. tc looks adorable!
    i know, the hardest thing when reducing on the running is to reduce on the food intake as well. either stuff we eat, or portions we eat. most times i cut on my running a bit i gain a few pounds…

  6. “selects his outfit for the day.” Ha! My kids still seem to have as many outfits as hobbits have meals in a day.
    We shall go on to the end, we shall zerbert in France,
    we shall zerbert on the seas and oceans,
    we shall zerbert with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our Island, whatever the cost may be,
    we shall zerbert on the beaches,
    we shall zerbert on the landing grounds,
    we shall zerbert in the fields and in the streets,
    we shall zerbert in the hills..

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