gaining weight

we must be on the same diet, my son and i.
i was able to squeeze in three runs last week and two swims. one of the runs was a great trail run with the orange county trail runners at aliso creek and wood canyon wilderness park. boy, let me tell you, it felt great to be back on the trails and hammer up some of those climbs. but, even those five workouts are a far cry from the training maniac i was a couple months ago. add in that i haven’t been reducing my portion sizes and that equals some weight gain. i’ve had my eye on it for the last few weeks and it’s been a consistent increase of about 3-4 lbs.
which is really interesting. because when we went to tc’s first month check-up yesterday (happy one month, tc!), he, too, had gained some weight. 3lbs 6oz, to be exact, from our last doctor visit. our little guy well past his birth weight and now into the double digits. he weighed in at a healthy 11lbs 4oz yesterday.
the doctor was very happy with how he’s doing. he’s healthy, showing all the signs of proper development, has a healthy cry, strong limbs and we were reassured that his little wiener is all healed up and the doctor actually used the term, “perfect”. i asked him if i could quote him on that and use it on his resume at some point. i mean, heck, that’d look just as good as “3 time ironman”, “egregia cum laude from harvard” or “#25 on the forbes 400″, right?
it’s so awesome to see the little guy changing and growing. we can see the weight gain in his face, as it starts to fill in. he’s starting to become more aware of his surroundings, too. he loves to sit on my knees and look over my shoulder out the window at the patterns the trees are making. his ‘content’ smiles are becoming more frequent and more pronounced. yesterday morning he fired of a series of smiles that weren’t just the ‘corner of the mouth’ smile, but full blown grins with the whole face getting in on the action. at one point, he even kicked out a “HEH”, which i took as his version of a laugh.
at week two, it became apparent that the healthy bacteria were setting up shop in his intestine as his poop began to have an odor. oh, the joys of growing up. okay…and you all know me and poop. i’m fascinated by this. i thought at first i’d be hesitant to change the poopy ones, but man, i love it. i love the different consistency, colours and which colours smell worse. and this is just on formula. i can’t wait for the science experiment that will be solid foods.
so, he’s growing and so am i. let’s just hope that the number of inches he’s growing aren’t the same increases that i begin to see in my waistline!

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  1. We like smiles, we like little baby feet but poop? Not so much. You can keep that part to yourself, k?
    Nice to ‘see’ he is growing and thriving. How about some pics of the other end of the kid? ;-)

  2. Jeff, I love your updates. :-) This one reminded me of your lecture on the poop bag! Hey, just wanted to let you guys know that Mike and I will be joining you guys in parenthood sometime around Feb. Looking forward to some family backpacking trips!

  3. nice balanced composition there with the tasty cake on one side perfectly complemented by the little guys excrement on the other. An A-plus for creativity.

  4. Well, my son, this doesn’t surprise me after all. I just hope your little TC will be as creative at “decorating” his poop as you were when you were 2. Remember the buttons and the snaps – all a top a nice piece of fabric, all laid out ready for cutting!! Like father, like son. Better watch out!
    Love you babe, Mom :)

  5. How cool to have a great one-month check up!! Great news.
    Others laugh at the poop…not I…nothing else gives you a quicker indicator of health.
    Glad the training is coming back around, jeff.

  6. Folks, this is normal behavior for a new daddy. Yes, he SEEMS insane but he is, after all, a dad now.
    The Jeff we knew is gone. I for one welcome the new Jeff. :)

  7. Okay, that was gross…of course, not unexpected, but just gross.
    Glad the little guy is doing so well and you guys are having so much fun!

  8. i’m really glad he’s so healthy … but i draw the line at the poop pix…
    you’ve gone ’round the bend, man! :)

  9. Comments from your nephews…
    We LOVED the baby droppings picture – looks like he pooped out a toad! We can’t wait to see it in person – and the baby too!

  10. Comments from your nephews…
    We LOVED the baby droppings picture – looks like he pooped out a toad! We can’t wait to see it in person – and the baby too!

  11. Wait until the snacks begin. As a mom, my kids snacks are irrestiable so I battle weight gain all the time. He is a cutie!

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