and i ran, i ran so far away (and cycled, too!)

well, this week at work wasn’t a true work week, seeing as how we had several appointments with tc and whatnot and as a result, working out at lunch wasn’t really an option most days. add in the fact that the gym was overhauling it’s locker rooms and the showers weren’t available and that resulted in little to no training. i was determined to get in at least one run, one bike and one swim during the week, though, just to keep loose and active.
so, despite the limitations of the week, i was able to get out on wednesday and knock out a fantastic run. i ran back bay and cruised along happily in the warm sun for about six miles. i meant to take it easy, but it just felt so good to be running and getting some sun that i ended up moving along pretty quick. i didn’t feel the effort until i got home and sat down to feed tc. it was all i could do to keep my eyes open and stay alert enough to interact with him. whew!
friday after work, i planned on getting into the pool at the gym and getting some swim time in. i headed into the newly refurbished locker room, got changed, rinsed off in the newly refurbished showers, walked out on the newly finished and painted deck, hopped into the pool and noticed the new lane markers and began to put on my goggles. no sooner had i put the strap on the back of my head and a lifeguard came over and informed me that they’d be closing the pool in 2 minutes to accommodate one of the swim teams that practices there. so, i DID get in the pool. only i didn’t swim. but the water felt good and refreshing. that counts for something, right?
saturday morning i was up bright and early, fed tc and then hopped on the bike to head over to the irvine transportation center where i met pete, quentin and oz for a nice, long ride down to solana beach. we headed through newport coast down to pch, where oz broke off and headed north. the rest of us took pch south and cruised along through newport, dana point, san clemente and along the beach at san onofre and camp pendleton. the route was fantastic and by the time we hit camp pendelton, the june gloom had burnt off and we were presented with beautiful sun, low 70′s and amazing views of the beaches of san diego county. we finally hit solana beach after about five hours of riding and 70 miles (my longest ride ever!). we picked up our tickets at the solana beach amtrak station, bought some burgers and then enjoyed the lazy train ride back up to irvine.
two out of three ain’t so bad and the great ride with fantastic company made up for the lack of a swim. next week should be better for training since it’s a full work week and the gym is back to full functionality.

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  1. Belated happy father’s day, and you’ve got me green with envy talking about the ride. Great idea, by the way – catching the train back. I may have to work something like that down past New Haven…

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