praying for negligent parents

tomorrow’s race should be worthy of much story telling. what with the freaky reports coming from the weather service and the fun chance of loosing extremities due to the rain and wind. like i said, it’ll be challenging for sure. but, hey, anyone can run when it’s dry out, right? right.
our big hope, though, is that there is a decent crowd turn-out. i was talking to april anne this morning and figuring that she’ll be more uncomfortable standing out in the cold and wet waiting for us to run by than we’ll be actually running in it. the best thing i remember about last year’s boston race was that there were tons of kids out lining the course. at any point, you could run to the side of the course and high five a row of them.
there’s something magical about high-fiving a kid during a race; it’s like pac-man hitting one of those power-up dots. start to turn into a zombie at some point? high five a kid and pull yourself out of the pit. winded after climbing a tough hill? high five a kid and take off with a burst of energy. lost your limb due to frostbite? high five a kid and watch a new one grow in it’s place.
so. with the nasty weather tomorrow, i’m really hoping that the number of kids out on the course is not reduced. i’m hoping that the folks that live along the course from hopkinton to boston are the most negligent parents in the country, with a complete disregard for the health of their little tykes.
one can only pray.

8 thoughts on “praying for negligent parents

  1. If we were in Boston, we’d definately be out there to high five you. As it is, we’re in Oregon and a virtual high five at mile 21 will have to suffice. :) Best of luck to you!

  2. You are so right about those high-5′s, priceless.
    All the best to the both of you. I hope you return with all extremities and your pride intact.

  3. Hey Jeff,
    Good luck today. I’ve got ol’ 6750 in my tracker and I’ll be following you throughout.

  4. It’s 1:22 EST and you should be about a mile or two from the finish with Flipper. Thanks for running her to Boston. We’ve all been watching.

  5. Hi Sweetie, We’re with you all the way! Sure wish our retirement date was last Friday. Our love and prayers are with you as you run the Boston. Next year, Lord willing we’ll be there to high five all along the way!!
    I’m sure looking forward to holding my new grandson, Thunderclap in my arms!!
    Grandma CC

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