my own badwater

well, the saga of battling the heat continues, and today, despite the blistering, hot sun, man beat mother nature. smsmh and i were out late last night watching the church in concert at the grove in anaheim (with a surprise opener of rob dickinson from catherine wheel), so by the time i woke up at 10am (yes, *i* slept until 10am!), it was already a scorcher outside. by the time i finished watching the time trial stage of the tour de france, it was a little after noon and checking the temperature gauge on the balcony revealed low 90′s in the shade. ouch. with plans for the evening, i was going to have to run in the heat if i wanted to get the miles in.
so, i got together my fluids, headed to the aliso creek trail and got ready to run. the temperature sign at the mortuary was flashing 109, and that matched what the car was saying. no messing around today. i had to play it smart. i soaked my hat with water before getting started and splashed water on my arms, legs and back, and then i was off. i felt fresh, and fortunately there was a slight breeze that cooled my damp skin, but i could still feel the heat like a furnace, cooking me alive. the run went well and i was able to hit two water fountains to repeat the hat and limb soaking. by mile 4, i took off the slinglet, rolled it up and tied it around my neck. that seemed to really help.
by about an hour into the run, i was thankful that i was stopping at eight miles, because the heat really began to take it’s toll. i was really being cooked, but despite the intense sun and temperatures, i felt mentally sharp, the legs felt good and my heart rate stayed in the 150′s and 160′s. i finished up the run feeling hot, but good. score one for the human body. i’ll tell you what, though…i can’t understand how those guys running badwater this week can handle the 135 miles in 130 degree heat. i’m just happy that i was able to survive my own little mini badwater.

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  1. and i crapped out at 7:00 a.m. for a measly 5 miles in 85 degrees this morning. my yard sits unmown, because I can’t fathom the idea of being out there in this heat. I guess I better suck it up. Glad you took all the necessary precautions and didn’t repeat you episode from a couple of weeks ago.

  2. Nothing like heat to change the priorities:
    I also was up late, slept in to 9:30 am, caught the end of the tour.
    No run yet, and I am not sure if I will today. :)

  3. johnny’s out running his tribute to badwater right now :)
    badwater folks do it by dunking themselves in ice chests full of ice and water. mmmm, sounds good…

  4. Since you were once one of the Marines, you should know yesterday was a red flag day at Miramar, which I believe means curtailed training outdoors because of conditions. It’s green today. You’ve obviously been out a long time for you to endure 8 miles in that oppressive heat.

  5. So when are you going to do the real Badwater? I ran a half-marathon yesterday with 83F and super high humidity, that was nasty enough for me. It did warm up to 97F by the end of the afternoon.

  6. for a split second I thought you said bruce dickinson was doing the opener, but no, sadly it was the wrong dickinson.

  7. Come on Jeff! Me and You, Badwater 2010. Actually my goal is before I am 40 so I have 7 years left.

  8. 109 degrees. wow, you in some kinda shape hip!
    i thought for a minute of joining rob in saying i too would join you at badlands, however, i fear you guys would really do it.

  9. Great run in the heat! Played it smart too. Death Valley here you come.
    Floyd Landis is unbelievable. I just had to say that.

  10. hey jeff… i had to laugh at the comment you left me the other day… hook up for a run? that’s what it would be like: you strolling at a heart rate of 60 and myself nearing death trying to keep up. you run at pretty much twice my speed.
    you wanted a jacket at 79 on the backbay? was it windy? i love the muddy parts near the water followed by that killer steep hill i have to use my teeth to pull myself up.
    nice going on your own badwater!

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