edge cyclesports review, revisited

my lbs is better than your lbs.
so, i’ve blogged about my local bike shop, edge cyclesports and the amazing service that they, and in particular, hugh, have given me over the last few months. well, this last weekend topped the cake. i would be remiss in my duties if i did not mention the continued amazing service that they’ve provided and do my best to drive as much traffic their way as this humble site can manage.
last weekend, rudi was in town and was hoping to get a long ride in while in the area. i had suggested renting a bike and riding somewhere along the pacific coast highway near long beach (where they were staying). i did some calling around and none of the bike shops in the long beach area were offering a demo or rental program, and the single shop that did wanted to charge the entire price of a trek madone to the credit card and then refund the difference. no thanks.
so, i thought i’d check out what edge cyclesports could do, or at least find out if they knew where the best local place to go would be. i stopped by on monday and chatted with hugh, who said that they’d be able to hook rudi up with a bike and made a suggestion on a different route that would be much more scenic and safe than the section of pch up near long beach/huntington/etc. after figuring out rudi’s measurements, it was determined that rudi is all legs and they didn’t have a demo in the shop that would be able to fit him. and that’s when hugh really stepped up the service. he was willing to have his personal bike adjusted so that it would fit rudi and get him through the ride.
when rudi came through town on saturday, we met up at the shop and hugh had rudi’s pedals put on the bike. rudi took it out for a spin and although it had him upright a little more than he normally rode, the bike fit well. so, hugh took a cc number, in the event that something happened to the bike, and sent us on our way. no charge.
okay, let me ask this…who of you, if you owned a $7,500+ seven road bike, would let a complete stranger borrow it for the weekend, for free? i don’t think i’ve ever come across that sort of selflessness in the service industry. i am absolutely floored at the generosity and trust that hugh and edge cyclesports showed. can i brag about my lbs? you bet i can. should i brag about my lbs? you bet i should.
on a side note, when i went to return the bike yesterday, smsmh made a whole pan of her world famous lasagna to take to hugh as a token of gratitude. smsmh rocks for putting together the dish. while there i was introduced to amber neben who is sponsored by the shop and just happened to be there hanging out after her recent second win on the tour de l’aude. i guess i’m going to have to start following women’s cycling, too!

10 thoughts on “edge cyclesports review, revisited

  1. Not that I don’t care about bikes, really, but can I have smsmh’s lasagna recipe? Can I, can I? Please?

  2. That is truly awesome. How many people would even let you borrow their car (which somehow, to me, is not as big a deal as your personal, did you say $7,500 BIKE?!?! yikesssss! I want to go buy something at this guy’s store–a water bottle–just to say thanks!

  3. I’m already trying to think of something i can loan you just to get a pan of lasagne.
    Is that wrong?
    I love customer service. I think it’s making a comeback.

  4. Yes, it was amazing!
    Both the bike and Hugh were truly great – all hail to the LBS (and LBS staff) that goes above-and-beyond!
    (And all hail smsmh’s lasagna – food is a key to many cities.)

  5. Well, if it means being treated to Lori’s lasagne, you bet I would loan out my bike!
    Of course, I’ve had the immesurable pleasure of sampling it on more than one occasion, so I do have insider knowledge.

  6. That’s a pretty cool story! I didn’t even want to loan my Garmin to a co-worker, I can’t even imagine letting someone borrow a $7500 bike! The lbs guy is probably nice anyway, but I think all your good karma probably didn’t hurt things either :)

  7. Let me ask you this; Do you know anyone who would loan his 28k dollar Xterra to basically a stranger, so that that person didn’t have to stand around after his first marathon or have to ride the tram back to the hotel? I know someone who would.

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