the flight of the wasp

sunday was the big day. i finally had some free time and coordinated with a buddy, mike, to take the wasp out on it’s maiden voyage. i would have gone out solo, but i really wanted someone to witness the hilarity that was going to be me trying out clipped shoes. so, mike showed up and we headed out for a flat, easy ride along the san diego creek trail.
heading down the hill from our house, i immediately noticed a couple things, first, body position is everything on a road bike. you’ve really got to watch where your hands are placed so that you’re not far from the brakes if you’re going to need to stop quickly. next, i noticed how fast the wasp is compared to the bumblebee. oh my. without any effort, i was flying down the hill. as we rode along the trail, i was just amazed at how smooth the bike rode is. i was able to hit speeds without any effort that would have left my legs flaming on my mountain bike. she was silent, too. very little tire and chain noise, unlike the mountain bike.
we rode all the way to back bay, had a bar (one of the new clif nectar bars – which are amazing) and then headed back, putting in an easy 26 miles. cycling that sort of distance has never been that easy! i think i could have easily doubled that and not felt exhausted. i hammered up the hill at the finish to see how well it climbed and oh boy was i able to fly up it. i think i’m going to like this cycling thing.

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15 thoughts on “the flight of the wasp

  1. swimming? did someone say swimming??
    I do love me a road bike – that’s all I knew growing up. Dad and I used to do 20 miles around DC. We had an old VW bus that you could literally just walk the bikes into. Cycled around, stopped for lunch and ice cream. Good stuff.

  2. What, no falling over at a stop sign near the end of the ride? Hardly counts as a first voyage in clipless…

  3. I agree with Jank. Falling down at a stoplight, just when you think you’ve got the pedal thing down, and preferably when you’re being gawked at by a gaggle of attractive women in a stopped car. This must be a right of passage for new bikers. :)

  4. OK, Jeffro. I’m retarded. I was thinking…gee, why hasn’t Jeff posted since like…February? I had your old feed address in my news program. Arg. Sorry bud.

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