i’m a big boy now

well…the recovery from the race is going, well…it’s going.
i took monday off from work so that i’d have a day just to relax and stretch out, as well as soak in the realization that i had just pulled off a bq, and under the wire at that. but, despite the coach’s instructions, i stayed in the house all day and hardly even moved. the more i sat, the worse my legs felt. but, it just felt good to sit.
come tuesday morning, i could barely walk. i was gimping all over the house and going down the stairs was out of the question. but the worst thing, was trying to sit down on the toilet. nope. it wasn’t going to happen. i had to do a controlled fall onto the seat because my quads were so sore. sometimes i can just be so stubborn…or stupid.
well, it’s thursday now, and after doing a ‘stair’ workout the other night, some light rolling on the foam roller and a short walk around the neighborhood last night, i’m happy to say that i’m a big boy now and i can use the potty all by myself!
next week it’s learning to run again!

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  1. Jeff, I can sooooooooooooooo relate. One time, your dad and I took cross-country skiing lessons for four hours. At the end of the four hours, we’d enjoyed it and had so much fun with your Aunt Charlene and hubby, we decided to take a lunch break and then rent the skiis for another four hours. Needless to say, I experienced the very same thing the next day. I can only laugh WITH you (not at you), because it was painfully funny and very pathetic, but equally stuipd :)
    In the same context, your pediatrician told us when asked about a sure-fire way of potty training you, “I don’t have any fail-proof training plan; however, I can guarantee that he’ll be potty trained when he graduates from college.” Looks like you’re right on target (little pun also intended) – tee! hee!
    Love you, Mom :)

  2. tell smsmh to put a gold star up on the “good boy jeff” board in the box next to “used toilet.”
    so what advice from coach did you not follow the day after the race?
    so this is what i have to look forward to? oh boy.

  3. Ah yes, thanks for the reminder. Before I run MY marathon this summer I must have Hardware Hubby install safety rails by the toilet.
    Enjoy the aches. When I’ve run a hard race and I ache later, they’re “good pain”, because they remind me that I did something awesome. “In all things,” eh :)

  4. I had the same problem bending my legs after my first marathon. I found it far easier to fall onto the couch rather then sitdown in a chair (or elsewhere). Happy recovery!

  5. What a great post! I read it to my dad! I bet you;ll walk next time :) honestly, i was only telling you to walk around because i know, from experience and being told by coaches, that moving your legs around can only help the soreness. the 2 marathons i walked around afterwards or even jogged 10 or 15 minutes (which i wouldn’t recommend!) the next day, i was fine. the ONE where i sat on my butt and drove a lot to get to the airport, but no walking or running, I couldn’t believe how sore my quads were. BUT, i am proud to post that i was ALWAYS able to use the potty:) enjoy the rest of the week. remember- there’s nothing saying we have to get going next week! we’ll start slowly even if we do, so no worries.

  6. I’ve been there for sure: “coming in for landing…a little hot…CRASH!” Makes me wish I had one of those geriatric toilets with the handles.

  7. Hilarious comment by Mom … maybe smsmh needs to get you some new superhero underwear to celebrate the training … that always worked for my boys! :)

  8. Oh, god, that is too funny! Been there, done that (and screamed bloody murder on the way down! – You should have seen my coworker’s faces…lol) I’m glad that you’re feeling better now.
    (And now i’m singing that silly pull-ups jingle… thanks! ;)

  9. Hope by now its all better and you are wearing bigboy pants and get to walk across the street by yourself. :)
    I think I remember that walking down stairs backwards was easier. Just gotta watch that first step.

  10. I just read your race report. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I felt out of breath reading it as if I was right there with you – great report. Again, Congrats!!!!

  11. how about getting a massage, preferably from a good therapist how would flush your legs and help with the sorness. great job on the race!

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