news from the field

well, we just got off the lake today and we’re staying the night in squaw valley before heading back to southern california. after a hearty scrub, a hearty nap and a hearty meal, we’re beginning to adjust to civilized life again. we’ve got tons of photos, and some very cool trip report, but that’ll have to wait until we get back home.
but, a quick high point/low point to whet the appetite…
low point: the first night, spent in stockton, california and nearly had our car and kayak stolen.
high point: getting up before dawn, hopping into the kayak with smsmh and watching the sun rise out on the lake.
tomorrow, it’s on the 395 to head home. maybe an overnight at mono lake and a side trip to bodie, if we’re feeling frisky.

7 thoughts on “news from the field

  1. Ah the comforts of civilization… Sometimes its almost as much fun to come back to clean sheets and hot meals as it is to go adventuring. Good to hear from you.

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