since we scratched the race on sunday, that gave me the weekend to relax and do some other activities. coach decided that i was to run an easy 10 on sunday, rather than try to find another race, so that had me in relax mode.
so, saturday morning, wade and i decided to take the kayak out again. this time, we wanted to launch from crystal cove (click on the rain damage photo and check out the frog photo – haha!) and paddle around the reefs and kelp beds in the off-shore park. after carrying the boat down to the beach, we were set to make our attempt at getting through the surf. again, it was another shore break and timing was going to be crucial. we made our first attempt, and the timing was horribly off. wade hopped into the boat and took some water with him (making the kayak ride lower in the water) and when i tried to hop in the front, a large wave came at the same moment. with me pushing down, trying to get in, the bow went under the wave and the cockpit filled with water. we struggled to get the boat out of the surf and dragged it up on shore where we dumped all the water out.
our second attempt went much better.
sort of.
we decided that i needed to hop in first, immediately following a wave and begin paddling. wade would handle the kayak until after the next wave came and then hop in, helping us paddle through the surf zone. we waited patiently and when we saw our break, we went for it. i kept the bow above the next incoming wave, and quickly jumped into the cockpit. i began paddling for all i was worth. we made it over the next wave without taking any water, and then wade made it into the boat. we dug hard and escaped the surf zone without any complications.
we both let out yells of triumph and exclamations about how well it went. i felt some stinging on my right toe-knuckles, as i had hit my foot jumping into the boat, but other than that, we were fine. as we continued to paddle away from the surf, the pain in my foot turned to throbbing and i began to wonder if i’d done more than just rap my foot. i pulled my leg out of the cockpit and looked at my toe. the toenail on my right big toe was standing up at a 45 degree angle and blood was running down my foot. i thought to myself, “it’s not supposed to stand up like that” and quickly pushed it back flat.
wade and i debated whether to head back to shore, but the last thing i wanted to do at that point was navigate the surf and carry the kayak back up the cliff to the car. the toe hurt, but it wasn’t preventing us from paddling, so we decided to just go ahead and enjoy the day and deal with the toe later.
we began paddling north up the coast to check out the coastal rock formations and the kelp beds. we were treated to a couple cool sights; a fairly large jellyfish that wouldn’t hold still for a photograph and an elusive seal that kept popping up all around us. the further we paddle north, the less i wanted to return to crystal cove and deal with exiting through the surf. i called home to see if someone could pick us up in one of the harbors and shuttle me back to the car, and j agreed.
so, our plan was to paddle all the way up the coast, into newport harbor and find a good place to pull out. we were thinking newport dunes in the back bay, but, really, any place with no surf was going to be fine with me.
we finally hit the kelp beds off of corona del mar and sat in them for a while, marveling at how much kelp there was. the heavy swell was still present, but the wave chop was reduced to a minimum. it was really strange and sort of eerie. we didn’t see any sea life, though, which is what i had been hoping for.
we continued up the coast, made it into newport harbor (paddling faster than the boats going 5mph in the no-wake zone), made wrong turn and ended up in a channel on the back side of balboa island. we found a good section of sand to pull up onto, called j, and had her meet us there.
the shuttle and pick-up went without a hitch and after a short while, we were back home. i got cleaned up and tried my best to do surgery on the toe. i tried to clip the nail back as far as i could to asses the damage, but the nail bed was too much of a mess to really do anything with it. i wrapped it up tight and just let it be.
sunday morning, i was very skeptical about running on it, but i figured it wasn’t a tendon, bone or muscle injury, so it shouldn’t be that big of a deal. like the black knight, i just kept telling myself, “tis but a flesh wound!”. fortunately, running didn’t bother it in the least, so i was able to get my 10 miler in without any pain. the mental image of the toenail was more of a factor than any discomfort.
now, i’d just wish the stupid thing would fall off so i don’t keep bumping it and catching it on stuff. anyone got some pliers?

11 thoughts on “munched

  1. This little piggy went OUCH! I think the best thing to do is continue to “wrap it up tight and just let it be”. I wonder if you should consider some diving-type footwear for when you’re jumping into kayaks.
    I really enjoyed the rest of your description of the kayaking adventure. And 10 miles on a tortured toenail – good for you!

  2. oooowwwww!
    thanks for the video treat…did you paddle thru the cave?
    how freakin’ cool. green with envy. like the kelp. but less slimy.

  3. ouch!
    all those miles you put in running and your toenail goes black from a kayak!
    Sounds like a great day, glad to hear it didn’t effect your run.

  4. pliers? with a nail like that try a ballpeen hammer. gotta nail it down! sounds like a fun day on the water!

  5. Ewwwwwww! I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it. Yikes! I’m glad you didn’t do any serious damage.
    I just pushed it back down.
    Owwww! Sheesh!

  6. I gosh. I think I just threw up a little in my mouth. GROSS.
    Hey, you need some Keen sandals like I got for my vacation. Big rubber toe on them to protect you from things such as this.
    Gross. I need to go get a sip of water. Just the thought of my toenail falling off and catching on stuf fin the process… ick.

  7. Gaaaahhhhh! That looks awful! OK, you need a warning on nasty toe pictures like that. Ack!
    Hope that thing heal up quickly. Make sure you keep it clean and change the bandage frequently.

  8. Don’t you just love perhipheral injuries? It’s not what you do regularly that’ll kill you, but the options.
    The kayak trip sounded great, but sounds like it pales in comparison to the 20 miler over the weekend.

  9. Ow ow ow ow OW OW OW! Glad it isn’t interfering with the running.
    We are going to have try kayaking one day. Do you have a sea kayak?

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