12 thoughts on “2005 Fontana 1/2 Marathon

  1. Wahoo! Awesome time. Watch out. If you get any faster you’ll get abducted by the aliens. ;-)

  2. Hey, rolling down the hill doesn’t count. :)
    Not just squeaking under 90 minutes, but shattering it. Great!

  3. Thanks for the report. It helped me to pace myself. The Fontana half-marathon is my first running event. I held back for the first 7 or so miles, but still felt slow, then tried to speed it up: My ending time:
    1:24:49 at 6:29 pace. Good this year for 49th place, 5th in my age division, 5th in the city of Fontana. Overall it was pretty good running event thanks to your tips.

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