no, aunt bethany, those are the christmas lights

clark griswold, i’m not.
that would be my dad. every christmas season, right after thanksgiving, dad would be out there with the huge string of lights. none of these pansy little twinkle lights, but the big-as-your-thumb bulbs, backed by the tins from hundreds of pot pie dinners. as i sit and think now, i can still hear the familiar sound of all those tins and lights being dragged along as he’d hang them. the near deafening rattle of tin and glass, not unlike the rustling of a candy wrapper in a quiet theater.
why then, if i inherited so many geek-like qualities from my father, would i not inherit the desire to bedeck my halls? as soon as thanksgiving passed, i began dreading going out and hanging the lights. smsmh, she’s a different story. she had most of the christmas stuff inside the house all done by saturday afternoon. don’t get me wrong, i love the decorations and the festive quality it brings (in moderation of course), but there’s something about hanging those lights that i dread.
is it the untangling? the volume of strings? it beats me. i carefully pack the strings each year so that there is NO untangling. i have 5 strings to hang. it is NOT a monumental job, but, for some unknown reason, it takes herculean effort to get it done.
this year was no different. i had been promising smsmh all week that i’d get them done this past weekend. sunday rolled around and we were still light-less. i headed out for a long run at 11am (funny how only a month or two ago i was running at the crack of dawn to avoid the heat – now it’s near noon to let it warm up) and after a tough 16.6 miler i came home to ice my hip and knees and take a short nap.
smsmh had headed out to do some shopping, stating that she’d be back around 5:30 so we could head to some friends for the evening. so, i had a short window to relax and unwind and then get back up to get the lights up. at 4:00 smsmh showed back up with a gift. a new staple gun. awww…how thoughtful. haha!
i crawled off the couch, joints begging me to return to my repose, and began the prep-work to get the strings ready. yes, i’d packed them carefully the previous year and they laid out quickly without any untangling. the staple gun worked flawlessly. the strings went up without any difficulty and within an hour i was done and our place was the first on the street glowing with christmasy-goodness.
i stood and looked at my handy work for a bit. in the fading light, they cast a nice glow, twinkling a bit as the wind blew them. yeah, it was tough to get up the energy to hang them, but the payoff in putting our house in the mood, and knowing how much smsmh would enjoy seeing them hung, was so much more rewarding than another hour of icing weary legs.

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  1. Cool story – there’s just something slightly disturbing about putting your house in the mood. Makes me wonder where all those little sheds really come from. Glad to hear that your run – while tough – seemed to be enjoyable. Or was it fun because it was tough?

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