thanksgiving feast

smsmh and i went to a thanksgiving feast at our church last night. it was a great time of celebrating what God has done in our lives over the course of the past year, spending time with close friends and of course, filling our bellies.
the groovy thing about last night though was the ‘first fruits’ aspect. when we’ve done these types of meal/feast things in the past, we’ve always given the left overs to some charity or homeless shelter. this year, rather than give what was left, we opted to give the first, best. the ‘first fruits’. as we all sat down, each place setting had a ‘to-go’ container ready. before diving into the meal, we loaded them up with potatoes, turkey, stuffing, salad, pumpkin pie and whatever side dishes we could fill them with. while still hot, a couple people drove them over the santa ana mission. i think we donated 100 meals, if i’m not mistaken.
the cool thing was that as all of us started eating, we began to run low on food. no one went without, but we definitely didn’t have many left overs. it was a really cool experience. it was also a reminder that it’s not just on the holidays that this need presents itself. it was a reminder that people are in need all throughout the year.
oh yeah, i forgot to mention that i met the athletic director of capo high last night. he runs fca (fellowship of christian athletes) – an organization for highschool and college athletes. it’ll be neet to see what they’re all about. i’m going to check out one of their meetings on monday.