‘Tis the Season

It’s that time of year.

Time to gird yourself for the events on the calendar. Time to gather with friends. Time to celebrate. Time to shave your legs.

The cycling season has begun. With races like Tour of Qatar and Tour of the Mediterranean under our collective belts and Tour of Oman underway, it is time to start thinking about spring classics and grand tours. It is time to hop back on the trainer and ride along while watching www.cyclingfans.com and the Sufferfest. But more importantly it is time to keep tabs on all our favorite cyclist and the stats of our favorite races. I mean, c’mon, you don’t want to be left out of the cool kids watercooler group, do you?


So, I’ve begun collecting a list of approved iPhone apps for teams and races. I haven’t had the time to go through each of these in detail, but as I do I’ll pop back in here and add a blurb about their usefulness. And, as new teams and races release apps, I’ll add them as well. Am I missing something? Just holler and I’ll add it.


Women’s Teams:

BOOOO! None yet. WTF Tibco, Specialized-lululemon, GreenEdge?

Men’s Teams:

AG2R LA MONDIALE Pro Cycling Team – Netco Sports

BMC Racing Team – Netco Sports
The app is easy to use, provides decent information and gives quick access to current race stats and news. I give Marco Pinotti five stars for the best ears in the Peloton.

Omega Pharma – Quick-Step – The Application Store
Again, another easy to use app with a main wall focusing on recent team news. The team section is easy to navigate with a quick swipe setup to scroll through the team. Competitions are still showing 2012 dates. Light on features and detail and only two stars for showing Tommy Boonen without a smile. Play to your strengths, Omega!

RadioShack Leopard Trek – Explose
This app is pretty. Easy to use and lots of detail not only on races and news, but loads more information on the riders, as well. Calendar is up to date, and there is even a “Surprises” section that should at some point contain surprises. Five stars for the depth of info on the riders.

Team Sky Cycling – BSkyB
Same level of info as the Omega app, with little to show on the riders but the standard news and calendar. Nothing too special about this app, but I’ll give it a three stars for a pretty picture of Bernie.

UCI – Triple IT


Amgen Tour of California RadioShack Tour Tracker – Tour Tracker LLC
Still showing 2012 info.

Exergy Tour Tracker – Tour Tracker LLC

Giro d’Italia – RCS Digital SpA
This app gets me giddy for the pink jersey. News, stage detail, classifications, teams, photos, video, live commentary! Data galore! Five stars for a well executed app and for the volume of info.

Tour de Romandie – Geomatic Ingénierie SA

USA Pro Cycling Challenge RadioShack Tour Tracker – Tour Tracker LLC
Still showing 2012 info.

Moving Windows Using the Keyboard w/ Remote Desktop

I’m not typically blogging about geek stuff, but when I come across a solution that I haven’t been able to find on the interwebs via Google, I feel a responsibilty to post my results for other folks to use when they run into the same problem.

So, the problem I ran into was a dialog window for our ERP software had popped up with most of the window off-screen while working with a Remote Desktop connection. This was on a Windows 7 client connecting to Remote Desktop on a Windows Server 2008 R2 host. Google search results said to use ALT+Space to access the window and choose ‘M’, but that was only working as a local keyboard shortcut and would just provide me with the ability to move the Remote Desktop session window. So I googled [when turning Google into a verb, you drop the upper-case, right?] keyboard shortcuts for Remote Desktop and wasn’t able to find the equivalent for ALT+Space, so I played around with it and came up with a winner using CTL+ALT+Space.

The solution, then, is as follows:

1. Select the offending window [using ALT+Insert if you don't have access to the window via the Taskbar]
2. CTL+ALT+Space and then ‘M’. The cursor will change to a four-pointed arrow.
3. Use the keyboard to move the window. A dotted outline will show you its boundaries.
4. Press Enter when you have the window in the desired location.


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